Making new partition without fsdisk

  MichelleC 09:02 19 Apr 2004

Son's pc is 98se, 80gb single partition. Can Partition Magic create another partition, say split 30gb ('c') and 50gb (into 'd') without having to fdisk, keeping progs and data on 'c' and installing w2k on new partition?

  Simsy 09:10 19 Apr 2004

That's exactly what Partition Magic is good for!

However... there may be an issue with the formatting of the "data" partition...

When you boot into win 98 the partiton with Win2k on will not be visible, and vice versa. if you want data to be visiblre to both OS's you will need to make a data partition as well. This will be the "D" partion when the system is booted up.

I'm pretty sure that is you format it as NTFS win 98 wont see it.... I'm not sure if it can be seen by Win2k if it's FAT 32. (Others will better advise on this),

Good Luck,



  temp003 09:20 19 Apr 2004

Yes, PM can do it.

For 98 to see the w2k partition, the latter must be FAT32, and further it depends on how the dual boot is created.

If you use PM's sort of dual boot with Bootmagic, then I think either OS can't see the other OS partition.

If you just use PM to eke out the new partition, without making the new partition active, then just install w2k to the 2nd partition, either OS can see each other (subject to file system).

  keith-236785 09:20 19 Apr 2004

Dont know win2000 so im guessing, winxp pro and win98 live happily together if you leave the partition as fat32.

if you can install 2000 on a fat32 partition then thats what i would do.

As Simsy says, partition magic is great for what you want. However i couldnt get PM to recognise NTFS, so i formatted and went back to fat32 (untill someone explains just what is so good about NTFS)

hope this helps

ps. also heard some talk of Ranish partition manager [never used it myself] that might do for what you want. downloadable for free i believe

  Simsy 11:42 19 Apr 2004

If I've understood what you suggest correctly, and you just install Win2K to the "D" drive, how do you boot into it?

(Apologies for hijacking this MichelleC)



  temp003 15:15 19 Apr 2004

w2k will detect that 98 is on C, turn the C boot sector into a w2k boot sector, put boot files on C (which will include one for loading 98). One of the boot files created is boot.ini, which contains a list of OS's, and the paths to where they are installed. When computer starts, the w2k boot process will read the boot.ini file and show a list of OS's to choose from.

The computer is still booting from C, the single active partition.

  Glyn-252301 17:49 19 Apr 2004

One way around it is to have 3 partitions, 2 for the o/s and 1 for data. Partition Magic has a fantastic prog. called Magic mover. this will allow you to move all the data from 98 drive into the data drive, this prog. will write to the registry so most anything can be moved. If all drives are fat32 you will be able to access data from both o/s. PM allso has boot magic that will hide o/s's from each other. To do what I have described will take a bit of planning and time, if you want to know more give a shout.
Regards G.

  MichelleC 18:50 19 Apr 2004

Thanks guys for all the info. I'll do it in a few days.

  Simsy 05:19 20 Apr 2004


You say "w2k will detect that 98 is on C, turn the C boot sector into a w2k boot sector, put boot files on C"... That presumeably only happens once. When does it happen? During the install process?




  lamda 09:55 20 Apr 2004

into my postings

  temp003 11:09 20 Apr 2004

During the installation of w2k. As far as I understand, in the first stages of the installation, w2k setup (same in XP setup) will copy files to the hard disk (to the active partition). The files copied/created during this stage will already include the w2k boot files, and the active partition's boot sector will be turned into a w2k one.

If one has chosen earlier to install a new copy of w2k on another partition, then by this stage, a dual boot is already created (but only between 98 and w2k Setup - the default "operating system" being w2k Setup).

On restart, the computer needs to restart from the hard disk, not the CD. It will boot back into w2k Setup - GUI mode. Installation will continue. By the end of it, a new boot.ini will be created with a dual boot between 98 and w2k, with w2k as the default OS. Then computer needs to restart again, and this time there will be a boot menu with w2k and 98 to choose from.

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