Making the new editor available in toolbar

  Bob Dunning 11:10 30 Oct 2004

Now that I have FP Express available on my computer, how do I make it available when I click the 'Edit with...' button on the Windows toolbar. So far it gives me the option of editing with Word, Notepad and Excel, so there must be a way of including FP Express in the list.


  Pesala 17:37 30 Oct 2004

Right-click on an HTML file, and select "Open With" then choose FP Express.

  Bob Dunning 20:42 30 Oct 2004

When I right click there is no 'open with' option.

My problem is that I have IE 6 with Windows XP (SP2)and this does not have FP Express as one of its options when you select 'edit with..' on the toolbar.

Now that my computer does have FP Express on it, how do I make it one of my options ?


  mac_gyver 10:48 08 Nov 2004

Try this (please note this is based on Windows 2K Pro):

Open 'My Computer'
Select 'Tools'/'Folder Options'
Go to 'File types' tab
Scroll down until you find the file type you want to change - in this case HTM and HTML
Highlight the file type
Click the 'Advanced' button
There should then be a list of actions
Click 'New'
Label it 'Edit with FrontPage'
Then browse for the frontpage .exe (will be somewhere in 'Program Files')
Click ok and come out of menu

Do this for both HTM and HTML docs

When you right click on a doc now you should get the 'Edit with FrontPage' option.

Let me know how you get on


  Taran 16:38 09 Nov 2004

Assuming Bob Dunning is still looking for a fix for this issue, there are ways of assigning additional programs to your 'Edit with...' list.

If you aren't afraid to play with the registry, you can add any program you like, up to a point.

If you still want to chase this one down, let me know and I'll post the destructions on how its done. It does seem like a lot of work to add FrontPage Express, of all programs, to your available list though.


  Bob Dunning 00:02 11 Nov 2004

Hi, Yes I am still interested, I tried to reply sooner but the PC Advisor site wouldn'e let me in !

I've just tried the solution offered by mac_gyver and it has worked.

Excellent,I'm really chuffed, it'll make life much easier, thanks very much.


  Bob Dunning 11:16 12 Nov 2004

Looks like I was a bit hasty.

The solution offered did work at the time, but the computer doesn't seem to remember the change and when the window is closed down it no longer appears as an option when I re-open it.

So what do I do Taran ?

The reason for wanting to use Front Page Express is simply that it's the one I've always used, and it is free. I've already published several hundred pages with it, so I don't want to go about messing with my website unnecessarily.

I decided this following an earlier forum discussion.


  Taran 19:58 12 Nov 2004

Create a system restore point if you're on Windows XP or backup your registry in full (ask if you don't know how to do this).

Let's assume you want to change your default editor to WordPad, for the sake of discussion - you can adapt the instructions contained in here to suit your own requirements.

Click Start

Click Run

Type regedit

Click OK

This opens up the Registry Editor.

Navigate to this key using the plus signs at the registry branches in the left panel:


Find the entry called Notepad.exe

The full registry path to the entry you need is:


Rename this Notepad.exe subkey and call it Wordpad.exe by using the Rename function from the right click menu. Note that if you want to add a new Edit with... option, you need to add a new subkey rather than renaming and manipulating the Notepad key. You should rename it to FrontPage Express, FPEx or anything along those lines.

Next, browse to the following registry key:


If you double clicko n the Default value in the right hand pane, you should get something like this, if you're on Windows XP:

"%ProgramFiles%\Windows NT\Accessories\WORDPAD.EXE" "%1"

Or this, if you are on an old version of Windows:

"C:\Program Files\Accessories\WORDPAD.EXE" "%1"

Restart your computer. This step may or may not be necessary, but it won't hurt to make certain that your changes take effect, so spend the few moments it takes and restart the PC.

Now, open Internet Explorer, go to the top toolbar and select Tools.

Now select Internet Options.

Click on the Programs tab.

In the HTML editor listbox, you should be able to select Wordpad (or FrontPage Express in your case) from the available drop down options.

Select WordPad, (or FrontPage Express) then click on the OK button.

In theory, the broswer should now open a web page when you click on the Edit icon on the toolbar into Wordpad, FrontPage Express, or whichever program you wanted and configured in the registry.

Other edit options should still be available in the drop down menu.

The above isn't rocket science, but some people have problems with anything to do with the registry and I always suggest that people DON'T edit it unless they are fully aware of what can happen if things go wrong. Registry hacking is all well and good, but a wrong key name or value can render your PC unbootable very easily. Yu have been warned.

If you aren't sure, ask for more detail. You should be able to see from the above information what needs doing and where.

Good luck with it.


  Bob Dunning 20:10 12 Nov 2004

Cheers , thanks for that... you've put me right off ! Nevertheless I have the instructions and when I'm feeling confident I'll give it a go, thanks very much.



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