Making my own 'like it' button??

  [DELETED] 21:22 28 Jan 2013

Hello all, Am trying to find out how to create a 'like it' or 'heart it' button to be used on blog posts. I can find absolutely nothing on how to do this- does anyone have any pointers? I am basically looking to have a little heart shape that, when clicked on, counts up. Any ideas? Please help! Any advice at all very gratefully received! Thanks thanks & thanks in advance.. xx

  Forum Editor 09:45 29 Jan 2013

What are you like with website code?

I can send you some code that will count the number of times an image (or graphic) is clicked. You can easily find a suitable graphic, but you'll need to insert the code in your page.

  [DELETED] 10:03 29 Jan 2013

Hello! Thank you so much that would be brilliant! Yes putting the code in is not a problem, it is the actual code for the count I couldn't find it figure out! You are a star- could you possibly email it? Is that allowed? I am new to the forum so not sure! Thanks again I have been trying to figure this out for days! Sarah x

  Forum Editor 16:24 29 Jan 2013

We've always been careful about posting code into the forum because of the possibility that it would make a mess of the page structure.

I'll email the code to you now. Let me know (here) if you need more help.

  [DELETED] 12:10 05 Feb 2013

Hi, have tried the code and it works great!

Have been trying to get the positioning right with little success. The template I'm using is structured differently to ones that I am used to, so I have no clue where to put the code in. The < body > part is hard to place as there is no clear part in the template for the Blog Posts, and the Homepage is quite heavily scripted (Javascript) which I am not familiar with at all.

Could send you the template if that helps? If it's too much to ask don't worry about it! Sarah x

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