Making my laptop faster

  Fateful Shadow 17:43 11 Jun 2003

I am running XP Home and I have 192MB RAM.
Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can make my computer run faster, or does anybody know any good downloads?
I have downloaded Bootvis (a Godsend!) and my startup is significantly faster. It's just when I'm using my laptop after startup, when simple tasks like opening the start menu takes about 4 seconds
Any suggestions?

  PA28 17:50 11 Jun 2003

Reduce the number of programs that run in the background by opting for manual startup on-demand. The less that's having to load, the faster the bootup (and the faster your machine when it's running if they're not competing for processor time). Watch you keep up basic protection though, especially when on line.

  Fateful Shadow 17:58 11 Jun 2003

Thanks for the advice. I have already used MSCONFIG, is that the same as manual startup or is it selective startup.
Could you explain how to do a manual startup?

  PA28 18:08 11 Jun 2003

MSConfig is a good start - untick those items in the startup that you probably don't need (you can always retrace your steps). Other programs running in the background (in W98 these can be seen by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL at once - don't know if XP is the same, but the facility will be there somewhere) may have "preference" tabs within the program interface - just tell them not to start with Windows (I place a shortcut in my taskbar so's I can get to them easier).

Make sure your hard drive is optimised and defragged - a utility suite I find handy here and I use Norton (but I can hear the cries from others already - don't bother!!) All I can say is that I've used Norton for years and it does keep my machine sweet and fast.

  Fateful Shadow 18:17 11 Jun 2003

PA28, or anyone else, what is "Manual Start-up on demand?"

  Fateful Shadow 20:03 11 Jun 2003

Does anybody have any idea what Manual startup on demand and how do I access it?!

  hugh-265156 21:05 11 Jun 2003

if you mean windows services

manual start up means the program will not load with windows but will start when you click on it or when windows or another program requires it.

disabled means even if its required it will not start.

automatic is starts with windows.

click here for more info.

click here and click here for more speed tweaks.

  PA28 23:13 11 Jun 2003

Sorry - been out for the evening. What I meant by manual start up on demand is for those programs which like to autoload on startup but which are not an essential part of Windows (Printer Utilities, Sound Control Centres, AntiVirus, Firewalls, MS Office optimisation, for a non-exhaustive set of instances) then there is usually the option to disable the autoloading on bootup. This will normally be found in the program itself under preferences. The program is still there, but will not be automatically running in the background - therefore freeing resources. I usually set up a shortcut on the desktop or taskbar to the program file itself (right click on file in Explorer>send to>desktop (create shortcut) then I can open it when I want to.

For example, Virus Checkers can really slow performance - but they are absolutely vital when your system is exposed to the net. So I disable mine when not connected and manually fire it up, along with the Firewall, before connecting to the net. I don't schedule maintenance events - I run checks and scan my drives manually at frequent intervals. Same with utilities - I invoke them when I need them, and don't have them whirring away (and sometimes getting in the way) in the background.

However, I think that optimisation of your drives and Registry (which can easily be managed by any utility suite) will initially give you the best results for the least effort. I see an upgrade path looming.......

  woodchip 23:24 11 Jun 2003

One good way is Remove all programs you do not need or use, as Any software loaded as memory allocated to it. If you use the Laptop on a regular basis keep it defraged

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