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  Charence 23:40 14 Jan 2005

I've got a page where there are many keywords which I wanted to make links for, but I thought that writing each link could not be the best solution.

e.g. on the PCA Forum, some words are linked to sponsors (the green ones).

How can I do something similar to this? I would like to be able to have a website which will be able to recognise that there is the word "Chicken" and then make the link "Chicken.html" for it.

For a sample of the page I'm wanting to apply this to, take a look at click here


  Charence 15:38 15 Jan 2005

What do I do if the site is dynamic? It uses PHP and a MySQL database. Do I just change "Chicken" to "<a href="chicken . html">Chicken</a>" in the database?


  Talented Monkey 18:26 15 Jan 2005

changing the text within the database is very messy time consuming and cumbersome. I assume you already know a bit about PHP and mysql, so ill just give you a brief description with what i would do. then maybe tkae it further.

When you take the webpage text from the database, simply pass it through a function that will replace the words as required. you can sotre the words you wnat to change and the corosponding web address either in the code or a seperate file. like this


In the new function, you will read this info into an array, Start a loop , taking the word and address and simply search and replace each instance of this word with your new link

assume that $webpage_text contains data pulled from your data base which contains "I am a chicken farmer"
$word_to_find is used to store words from your list, and $word_link is the webpage address associated with that .


$link_created="<a href="$word_link."</a>";

$webpage_text = str_replace($word_to_find , $link_created , $webpage_text);

somthing like that,

Appologies for spelling and typos, any vaugness etc and i hope the code is ok, but i quickly typed this off top of my head have to be out door in 10 mins!

if i had more time i would type the whole thing for you. hope this helps.

  Talented Monkey 00:57 16 Jan 2005

OK heres the code to replace a list of names with thier links within a block of text.

$webpage_text="the is a line of text for the webpage.i love a monkey I love sheep i love horses I love Rabbits";


foreach($replace_links as $animal=>$newlink){

$newlink="<a href=".$newlink.">".$animal."</a>";

echo $webpage_text;

  Talented Monkey 01:10 16 Jan 2005

opps hit post by mistake

the above is a working model to demonstrate replacement. I used an assositve array in end as this is far more flexible, you can change this into a multiple array and have even more fun with word changes, so every instance of rabbit will provide the link and a new word into an alternative. if you want this ill post it later on Sunday, my brain isnt working too good and im liable to make mistake!! i think the code is self explanitory, if you need help to understand it jsut ask and i will.

AnyWay To change this into a function you will need it changed to be like this.

function llink_creator($webpage_text) {


foreach($replace_links as $animal=>$newlink){

$newlink="<a href=".$newlink.">".$animal."</a>";

$webpage_text = eregi_replace($animal,$newlink,$webpage_text);

return $webpage_text;

  Charence 18:32 16 Jan 2005

I'm going to try this out and see how it goes :o)


  Talented Monkey 21:21 23 Jan 2005

...any progress made? i would like to know if you manage this!


  Charence 12:59 24 Jan 2005

Sorry about this...currently not much progress. I've had exams last week for my A will be delighted to know that I have finished them and will be able to get started on this! :o)


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