Making labels in Word - all labels on sheet not used

  Brian the Snail 09:17 15 Oct 2014

I am trying to make labels in Word 2007 using Mail Merge. I have set it for C2160 labels (ie-3X7 on an A4 sheet). When it comes to "Update all labels" only the top three labels and two on the bottom row of each sheet are used. My computer is running Windows 8. Can anyone advise, please?

  SparkyJack 16:41 15 Oct 2014

Casting my memory back yonks

Avery labels offered a free software tooffering templates for their product.

Do they still?

Google knows.

  lotvic 18:09 15 Oct 2014

Is this what's happening? ClickHere support

"For example, if you insert an Address block in the first label position, and then tap Update all labels on step 4 of 6 in the Mail Merge wizard, only the first row and the last two labels on the last row will be updated with the AddressBlock field. The other labels will only have the Next Record field inserted."

  Brian the Snail 21:30 15 Oct 2014

Thanks, Iotvic! That is exactly the problem I have!
The link says it is a problem with Tablet PCs. Not sure how to sort it with my PC running Windows 8. Maybe someone can help!

  lotvic 23:00 15 Oct 2014

It's prob because Windows 8 has Tablet PC Functionality ?

I found this: ClickHere answers

"Try using the ‘Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard’ under ‘Mailings > Start Mail Merge’ to perform a mail merge. At the fourth step, press the ‘F6’ key and then use the ‘Tab’ key to get to the option ‘Update All Labels’ in the mail merge wizard and press Enter. (Note: Make sure that only the keyboard is used in the fourth step)"

Or try this other one: ClickHere

it has details of a MergeLabelFix Add-in that you can use.

  Brian the Snail 16:35 16 Oct 2014

Thanks again, lotvic! Using the keyboard at Step 4 did the trick! Using the "Tab" key did not work but using the downward arrow it did.

  lotvic 18:30 16 Oct 2014

Thanks for posting what worked, that will help others with same problem, glad it's sorted :)

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