Making a jpg. specific size?

  belayer 14:17 05 Aug 2013

I hope somebody can help me.

I have a jpg of my business logo. I want it included on paperwork and I am told I have to send it to the people concerned as a file which prints it no bigger than 20mm X 20 mm.

The properties say the pic is 628 X 567 pixels at 96dpi if that means anything.

How do I save a copy that will print out as a 20mm X 20mm picture?

  belayer 15:02 05 Aug 2013

I don't have a graphics program, I have never had the need for one. I just have Windows and Windows Office. Is there no way of doing it without a special graphics program?

  Ian in Northampton 15:19 05 Aug 2013

I use an excellent free, downloadable, very easy to use graphics program called IrfanView (as do many others). In that, you simply open the image in question, click on 'image', then 'resize, then choose 'cms' as your unit of measurement, and then put in 20 for width and height. Bob's your uncle...

  belayer 15:31 05 Aug 2013

Wow, sounds perfect, thanks Ian, I will take a look at it.

  woodchip 15:52 05 Aug 2013

If it does not work send it to me Via little envelop on the left. and I will try to set it as you want it, and send it back

  lotvic 16:08 05 Aug 2013

You should ask them how many dpi they want before you start altering a copy of business logo - keep your original as is (read only, so you can always go back to it)

Then how you do it depends on which image editing program you use.

20 millimetres = 0.787401575 inches

dpi = dots per inch

Here's a calculator click here

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