Making it look good...

  ste_bla 10:39 28 May 2004

Now got a Antec 1000AMG Case with window so tying to make it look neat and imporve airflow also...

Just putting system together not yet running but once i have i need to some how attach my 80mm fan wires to the case coz they r just hanging out?

Has anyone used eletrical tape or gaffa tape? Would it get to hot/sticky? Or is there something better out there?

Also saw some cold cathode types on Ebuyer for under a fiver and they come in pairs the question is how would i attach them?

I dont want to do much more that that just make it look cool so wife wont have ago at me about the monstrositity :( unless someone things i could try something else, Also cables are tied up with cable ties etc.

  spuds 10:53 28 May 2004

Have a look at Maplins click here they carry a good and varied range of fixing aids, plus a host of other components.Their in-store advice is fairly reasonable as well.

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