Making the information on an old HDD inaccessible

  wee eddie 11:42 30 May 2006

My old Maxtor External Hard Drive began suffering faults and I eventually gave up on it. I tried to format the various partitions on it, but they would not complete.

As it contains all the Staffs Files from my old business, I feel obliged to make this stuff inaccessible to any but the most serious hacker (There's not really that much contentious info on it!)

Methods:- I do not have a Drill that I would be happy with drilling through metal. I tried to undo the little star shaped screws but could not.

So: How about this!

Stick it in the washing up bowl for a week or so. When I put it in hot water many bubbles came out, which means that when it cools - dirty water will be sucked in.

Do you think that this would start the works rusting up?

  wee eddie 12:47 30 May 2006

Putting it in my Woodwork Vice

  amonra 14:14 30 May 2006

I have got a 500 amp welder, guaranteed to erase ANYTHING !If the current doesn't zap it, the heat will.

  wee eddie 15:00 30 May 2006

It was a fascinating and instructive task.

Initially I tried to do the same with this one, but as you will notice from my initial posting, I was unable to release the screws.

Does anyone know if the dirty water will effectively make the platens unreadable?

  wee eddie 21:36 30 May 2006

However, I am serious, as the Data Protection Act has teeth and it would be unfair to release all my Staff Records to some potential malefactor.

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