Making the information on an old HDD inaccessible

  wee eddie 11:42 30 May 2006

My old Maxtor External Hard Drive began suffering faults and I eventually gave up on it. I tried to format the various partitions on it, but they would not complete.

As it contains all the Staffs Files from my old business, I feel obliged to make this stuff inaccessible to any but the most serious hacker (There's not really that much contentious info on it!)

Methods:- I do not have a Drill that I would be happy with drilling through metal. I tried to undo the little star shaped screws but could not.

So: How about this!

Stick it in the washing up bowl for a week or so. When I put it in hot water many bubbles came out, which means that when it cools - dirty water will be sucked in.

Do you think that this would start the works rusting up?

  SANTOS7 11:45 30 May 2006

I'm in favour of the "BIG AMMER" approach take it out side and give it some serious welly......

  martjc 11:51 30 May 2006


  terryf 11:54 30 May 2006

Yes I agree with SANTOS7, this of all the frustration that you can take out on the drive for causing you trouble BUT suggest safety goggles in case bits fly around when hitting it, you only have one pair of eyes.

  martjc 11:54 30 May 2006

...if you've done what you say and try Santos's 'tickly it' approach, you'll be pretty certain that it won't be hacked.

But note: It MUST be a VERY big 'ammer!

  wee eddie 12:47 30 May 2006

Putting it in my Woodwork Vice

  Bagsey 13:31 30 May 2006

Being a very curious sort of person I prefer the more scientific approach. Carefully take it apart to see how it works. Then take each platter out and smack them into interesting shapes ith the big hammer technique then bin each one of the suitably sculpted platters in different dust bins

  amonra 14:14 30 May 2006

I have got a 500 amp welder, guaranteed to erase ANYTHING !If the current doesn't zap it, the heat will.

  wee eddie 15:00 30 May 2006

It was a fascinating and instructive task.

Initially I tried to do the same with this one, but as you will notice from my initial posting, I was unable to release the screws.

Does anyone know if the dirty water will effectively make the platens unreadable?

  martjc 21:19 30 May 2006

...immovable. The bearings are made of steel and will suffer from their experience. If the data is really not that important, has this turned into a comedy thread???

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:25 30 May 2006


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