Making HTML Emails with graphics and Links

  ajm 22:06 03 Oct 2003

I receive a lot of emails from companies like Evesham and EuropePC that have emails with graphics embedded onto them and links and pictures, and so on.

Simple question: How can i also send one out to people. are there specialsed software that can help me do that?

  powerless 22:25 03 Oct 2003

Insert > Picture

Copy and paste the link into the email and it will become a hyperlink OR Insert Hyperlink...

Or do you want the webpage type email thing?

  ajm 22:35 03 Oct 2003

sorry if the posting wasnt clear. Yes, i want the webpage type email thing.

  powerless 22:43 03 Oct 2003

Well to do it in OE...

File, new, mail message.

Format, tick - Rich Text (HTML)

View, tick - Source Edit.

Then click, Source (at the bottom)

Now here is where you would paste in the HTML code.

Click preview to view how your email looks.

However the person who recieves the email must have HTML view ON to view the email in which you intend it to be viewed. Otherwsie if they do not there just get the text and only text.

Someone else will tell you better and a product that would help you produce the email. - More specifically.

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