making a ghost executable floppy disk

  acein1 07:47 10 Nov 2004

i have "ghost" installed,but i believe it should be run from a floppy disk,all i want to do is make a copy of "drive c to drive d",there are no partitions on either drive (drive c 80gb, drive d 40gb),so my question is how do i make a "ghost executible floppy disk",is it just as simple as ,"right click on "ghost" and send to floppy",will it fit on a floppy,many thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 08:03 10 Nov 2004

You should have a program called "norton ghost boot wizard" installed in the ghost folder. Simply run that one and it will take you through the steps.

  acein1 08:21 10 Nov 2004

i have norton ghost wizzard there are 4 options
1ghost boot disk
2peer to peer
3drive mapping
4c/d /dvd,
no mention of "ghost executible", i may be having a senior moment, i have allready made a "ghost boot disk",this not the same as "executable disk",or am i missing something,any more help welcome

  Diodorus Siculus 08:43 10 Nov 2004

As far as I can tell, the boot disk will run Ghost - that, at least, is how I use it. I simply boot with the ghost boot disk and it loads Ghost.

Then I can restore a partition from an image or create an image.

My "senior moment" has me asking what is the "ghost executible" that you want? What is its purpose?

click here for a guide to ghost.

  acein1 20:43 10 Nov 2004

i have "ghost2003",i have made a copy of my "c" drive to my "d"drive, it looks identical to me,but ive being told that i should use "ghost" from a floppy (hence my asking about ghost executable) can someone please tell me 1,is the copy that i have made in windows going to be ok if my "c drive" goes bellyup,2,has there being a change to "ghost2003",that makes this more usable,against "ghost2002",where you had to use the floppy to do the same thing many thanks

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