Making Firefox the default browser

  jz 17:43 22 Jan 2005

I've been gradually moving over from IE to Firefox for web browsing.

I have lots of .html files on my PC, and to make them open in Firefox rather than IE, I right-clicked one, chose 'Open With', 'Choose Program', 'Browse', browsed to Firefox.exe and selected it, ticked 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file' and clicked on OK.

That worked - double clicking on a .html file brings it up in Firefox. But, the icons next to the .html files still show IE. OK, this doesn't really matter, but I wondered if there's a way to change them all to the Firefox icon?

  VoG II 17:49 22 Jan 2005

In Firefox, Tools/Options, Heneral. Under Default browser click the Check Now button. You will then get the option to make it your default browser.

  jz 18:03 22 Jan 2005

I tried that, but the icons are still IE ones.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:10 22 Jan 2005

Try going to the control panel, folder options, file types and navigated to html - then advanced, change icon.

  Dorsai 18:14 22 Jan 2005

Have your tried closing/refreshing the page. Then XP should notice you have changed the association to Firefox, and display the relevent icon for HTML files?

  bemuzed 18:22 22 Jan 2005

JZ - what icons are still IE? You will have Firefox and IE on your machine, and you can choose to open either alone or at the same time. Making a browser the default I think means if an application needs to launch an application it will choose the default one.

  GaT7 18:49 22 Jan 2005

DS's solution should work. When you click on 'Change Icon...', browse to the location of your Firefox installation & click on firefox (or firefox.exe) & click 'Open'. You'll now get to choose which (of the 3) Firefox icons you'll like to have for .htm & .html files. G

  jz 18:54 22 Jan 2005

A re-start turned the icons into Firefox icons. But shortcuts to .htm or .html files still have the IE icon.

  VoG II 18:56 22 Jan 2005

If you double-click a .htm or .html file which browser opens?

  GaT7 19:07 22 Jan 2005

You can manually recreate all the necessary shortcuts - there can't be very many. G

  Diodorus Siculus 19:09 22 Jan 2005

Right click on a htm shortcut.

Choose properties

Under the web tab, choose "change icon" and browse to firefox - choose one of its icons.

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