Making dvd drive region free???

  j18psf 01:50 30 Oct 2008

Hi I have a Toshiba Satellite M305D laptop running Vista Premium, which was bought in the USA.

I have been trying to play DVDs from Australia aswell as Europe but when I insert the DVDs it displays a message saying that I can change the region of the drive 5 times and then gives me a list of the different regions.

Is there a way of making the drive region free as I believe once you change the drive region 5 times it is unplayable?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


  ambra4 02:09 30 Oct 2008
  FatboySlim71 09:36 30 Oct 2008

What I do when I want to watch region 1 dvd's on my computer I use AnyDVD, amongst other things AnyDVD allows any disk that is played to emulate the chosen default region.

For example:

In the Video DVD/settings of AnyDVD you choose the default region, this basically means that as long as AnyDVD is running in the background (its icon will be shown next to the clock at the bottom right of the screen) then any disk that are either played or backed up will be done so with the default region, so if I wanted to play or backup a region 1 dvd and my default region was set on region 2, then this region 1 disk would appear and be played has a region 2 disk. The same would apply if I were backing the disk up as well.

AnyDVD is an excellent program especially if you are careless with DVD's or have kids, has amongst other things it will allow you to make a backup of your DVD's. I wouldn't like to think how much money I spent on new DVD's that my kids had scratched before I got AnyDVD. Its well worth the money!

click here

  j18psf 21:57 30 Oct 2008

Thats very much for the help! Think Ill get AnyDVD.

  Stuartli 00:12 31 Oct 2008

>>...wouldn't like to think how much money I spent on new DVDs that my kids had scratched>>

A remarkably tactful way of putting it?


  eedcam 08:26 31 Oct 2008

Region should be scrapped anyway Australia and New Zealand are about to make it compulsory for all dvd players to be supplied Multi region. About time we did something about Fair usage rights

  FatboySlim71 09:48 31 Oct 2008

I thought the region coding was to stop people from another country/region been able to watch a dvd that had not been released in that region yet?

I thought most films were shown in the USA first and then the rest of the world gets to see them?

  Condom 11:13 31 Oct 2008

Many years ago that was the case but it is not so prevelant now as it used to be. Some world premiers are now held in the UK as well as other cities around the world. I attended one in Bangkok a couple of years ago. I travel a lot and this has always annoyed me so I have my main DVD palyer on my TV chipped to all region.

I used to have this on my PC as well but I haven't bothered with my current players as it is still a risky thing to do if you don't do it 100% correctly.

  FatboySlim71 12:40 31 Oct 2008

Thanks for the info Condom, I didn't realize that was the case now.

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