making desktop icons easy to read

  MJS WARLORD 17:34 15 Jan 2017

This is a tip not a question. As you know its hard to find a desktop background that lets you see all your desktop short cuts clearly so try this. Choose a photo with not much detail on the left hand side and then import it into paint. Use a plastic rule to measure how far across the screen your short cuts go. Next draw an oblong box down the left side of the screen the same width and then fill it in with a colour of your choice , dark brown gives a good background to most icons. Resave the photo under a new new and choose it as a desktop background,you now have a good photo with easy to read desktop short cuts.

  difarn 18:27 15 Jan 2017

Alternatively you could resize the screensaver leaving part of the black background exposed, pin the most-used shortcuts to the task bar to declutter your desktop, if you have a lot of shortcuts categorise them using folders although this will mean that extra 'clicks' are needed to open them - many more I'm sure.

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