making copy of files

  badhooverdog 16:40 21 Oct 2008


sorry for bringing up a rudimentary question but i am not very computer literate.

i have a game that i want to add mods to (il2 sturmovik) but i want to keep a 'clean' copy so can switch between the 2 as some servers I use dont allow mods.

how do i make a copy of this?


  chub_tor 17:36 21 Oct 2008

Do you have the original disk from before you installed the game, or the original downloaded .exe file? Either one of those will be a "clean" copy. You can then burn it to a disc or copy it to a new location on your PC. Make your modifications and then Save it under a different name.

  badhooverdog 17:41 21 Oct 2008

thanks chub tor.

yes have the original disc.
how to copy & rename it though?
sorry, i really am computer illiterate

  chub_tor 19:04 21 Oct 2008

OK I have just looked again at what you want to do and it seems that you want to play the game in either original or modified mode.

I assume that the one you have currently installed is the unmodified one..

Use your original disc to install the game again but this time when you enter the setup sequence you need to change its name and the location to where it will be installed. The setup programme will almost certainly allow you to do this so instead of just "clicking through" look at what setup is asking you to do. eg when it says "install into c:\Program Files/Games/Something/Something change it to another location of your choosing. That way you you should be able to have two copies of the same game in two locations that are both playable. Perform your mods on the new location. And as I said change its name on the icon if not the programme itself so that you can distinguish between the two.

  badhooverdog 22:25 21 Oct 2008

great chub tor, i will give that a go.
many thanks for your help, BHD

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