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  icestation 18:52 26 Sep 2006

Is it possible to contact the person(with my computer via their wireless network) in my area who is emitting an unsecured network,to inform them that it is being used by cheap skates in my building who don't want to pay 4 internet.In short can my comp talk to theirs.Thanks

  ade.h 20:51 26 Sep 2006

No, it's not really possible. Short of actually connecting and leaving a "message", but to do so is, of course, as illegal as your neighbours' behaviour.

Carry a laptop around the neighbourhood and find an area where the signal is at its best, then drop a few notes through doors.

  [email protected]#36 10:03 27 Sep 2006

Are you sure it's illegal to use someones connection if they have left it unsecured - It might be they want to let others use it?

After all, we are given all sorts of information about how to secure our wireless network from installation.

  ade.h 12:32 27 Sep 2006

As I understand it, it is illegal unless permission has been given. That's laid out in the Computer Misuse Act (ammended). The nature of that permission may be implied - a free public access point - but is normally expressed - as in a secure and/or premium network in coffee shops and hotels, etc. The nature of ownership and the reasons for its provision affect the right of access.

I think we must always assume, unless we are told otherwise, that an unsecured private network is in that state purely because of naivety or a lax attitude to security; in which case, it would not be fair or legal to take advantage of it.

  [email protected]#36 13:11 27 Sep 2006

I can understand that, I suppose that we all subscribe to an ISP for our own use. By using someone elses connection you are removing some of their bandwith and therefore some of their usage.

It may be like someone walking down the high street with their wallet or purse wide open in a back pocket - If someone removes a fiver because they haven't secured their money then the concept of theft is easier to picture.

Having said that I do know people who are not worried about others using their internet connection.

  ade.h 13:37 27 Sep 2006

Their ISPs might be interested.

  Strawballs 09:48 28 Sep 2006

You might try telling these people who do not mind that if someone uses thier network to download eg child porn the authorites will only be able to trace it back as far as thier router NOT to the sick pervs that are doing it and I know that when the police take away all of thier computer they won't find anything but do they really want to go through that!!!!

  [email protected]#36 10:46 28 Sep 2006

I may well do that.

I still find it amazing after so long of being told about PC Security that so many people don't either bother or understand the need to secure such things.

  icestation 15:40 28 Sep 2006

hey i've started a mass debate! its so true about the abuse of someone else's connection to search for illegal 'anything' as i said in my rant to belkin,if ur not either quick on the up take or an experienced computer user its quite involved to put the password on my new belkin router how do u think some one who has to employ some one to put a plug on for them is going to do it! it took me two hrs of reading the cd manual till i discovered the 'secret router configeration page' thats why so many people have unsecured networks. oh how do i put a signature under my posts?sorry 4 the thread with in a thread.

  ade.h 16:41 28 Sep 2006

Hmmm, not sure about the configuration page being "secret"! That's you set 'em up as far as I'm concerned. I guess you used a CD wizard, but I came to networking before they were commonplace - I don't like to use them, personally.

If you want more info about the technical stuff, keep an eye on my website @ click here. I'm in the process of updating it and adding more content over the next few weeks.

  icestation 16:59 28 Sep 2006

thanks for the link i'm a total amateur

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