making clip art

  WOODWORKER 19:16 08 Feb 2003

What I am trying to find out is how can I make my own clip art from scanned pictures etc, I can mask the object,invert the mask, make object from mask but when I save it it ends up with a white background which you dont need on clip art some one did say save in gif file but cannot get it to work, I have asked loads of software companys but never got an answer it must be a National Security issue,I have got 24 clip art cd's so I know it can be done, please if any one can help

  BrianW 19:21 08 Feb 2003

With some art packages you can create your pictures using a "Transparent" background. In this way, when you save the image you just see the image without the white background. I've just checked and Paint Shop Pro 7 is one such package but I know that there are others.

  WOODWORKER 23:49 09 Feb 2003

After reading your suggestion I went back to my books and software and they all talk about transparent backgrounds, i've tried them all Photoshop,Photoplus,coral,etc, the trouble is that I cannot get rid of the background that you get when you scan a picture in, I am trying on a cutout picture of my motorbike,scan it in,make mask,invert mask,make object from mask,copy on clip board, make new page put layer on make transparent past from clip board, save in Photoshop format,gif format,etc, but when you go to use it, it's with a white background, back to square one, so if anyone can give more suggestions it will be much appreciated

  BrianW 10:16 10 Feb 2003

Woodworker - just tried this and I see what you mean. So long as it stays as a PSP image it remains on a transparent background. Save to any other format and it has a solid background. Sorry - I hadn't spotted this before. There has to be a way - I will play and come back if I find one. Brian

  Simsy 12:02 10 Feb 2003

I'm just bookmarking this for My postings as I'm interested in the outcome!



  jazzypop 12:09 10 Feb 2003

Any of these help?

click here

click here (scroll to the bottom of the page, choose your version of PSP)

click here

click here

click here

For even more, try click here

  BrianW 16:24 10 Feb 2003

Woodworker - have any of jazzypops refs helped? I had been following up on the Transparent Gif route but when I sent a transparent Gig image to myself via e-mail it appeared to come back to me with a white background. At that point friends arrived and I have only just got back on the web. If it has solved the problem I will stop looking (thanks jazzypop).

  Pesala 17:01 10 Feb 2003

Woodworker. No problem at all with Irfan View to make transparent Gifs. I used Corel Photopaint to do the masking, saved it to JPG with a white background. Converted it to Gif in Irfan View, and selected the transparent colour from the palette.

A couple of points to be aware of:

1. Not all formats support transparency. PNG and GIF are the most popular.

2. Colour selected as transparent must be the right one. Gifs have 256 colours, several of which may look white, but if you choose the wrong colour from the palette to be transparent, the background will still be white (or off-white).

I am sure you can make transparent gifs in PSP but you may have to reduce colours to 256 first.

  closhty 17:04 10 Feb 2003

you the MAN!

haven't been around for a while, due to a move. the first time in long time i've had time to my self i log on to pca to see whats happening, see your suggestions and know what i'm going to be doing for the next few nights.



  WOODWORKER 23:35 10 Feb 2003

Thank you Brian,Jazzypop,Pesala,
You have certainly give me some things to play with but please bear with me, being 150 years old things take awhile to sink in, I am all ways open to advice so if any of them work I will come back and buy you all a pint if not I will once again throw myself at the feet of you experts again,thank you again, Woodworker

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