making a border out of photos

  MJS WARLORD 11:06 03 Sep 2017

I recently asked this, I want to put a large photo in the middle of an a4 sheet and surround it with a border made up of smaller photos. Somebody told me to get gimp 2 but I don't know how to make the program do what I want.... help please

  hssutton 18:57 03 Sep 2017

Is this what you want, if so you will need a litle photo editing skills such as using Layers and resizing of photo's. The example uses 26 layers

  LastChip 12:28 04 Sep 2017

If you're using GIMP, there are hundreds if not thousands of good quality tutorials that will guide you through, including videos.

As hssutton says, you'll need to use layers and just like any other new application you're trying to learn, invest some time in learning how to use the program effectively. It's a hugely powerful image editor. But not something that a few lines in a post could do justice to here.

Primarily, learn the basics and how to use layers and it will all start falling into place.

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