making backup copies of games disk

  richierich 21:00 20 Dec 2004

I stress I dont want to do anything illegal but just make backup copies of game disks for my own personal use. what software can you recomend. I have Nero 6 but the games i believe are encrypted so I cant just do a copy disk.

  Salinger 21:10 20 Dec 2004

If the disks are encrypted then breaking the encryption and copying in the UK is illegal. Having said that we have members who will tell you what you want.

  Andy 999 23:39 20 Dec 2004

clone cd 4

  TomJerry 23:46 20 Dec 2004

first all, it is illegal for any kind of copying (even for safe keeping purpose) without consent of copyright holder

Technicall: copy protected game CDs CANNOT be copied because Commericial CDs are pressed not burnt (the process used in PC cd writer), so copy right protection put in place in pressed CD cannot be duplicated by burning method

some co-called cloning programs cannot duplicate protected CD, what they do is just put a small program in game CD to fool compter it is real thing, but recently relased game CDs have measures to detect this

  ACOLYTE 00:40 21 Dec 2004

Not to contradict,anyone but you can copy,copy protected Cd's although as already said it is illegal to do so even for backup purposes without the owners consent,cloning a CD doesn't copy the protection, the app that copies usually runs an app in the task bar that fools the CD into thinking the original is inserted also making a Temp file on the PC in the process The temp file is the real protection and deciphering this takes a lot of work.What you need is a program that tells you what protection is on the CD before you copy it,and the good ones are hard to find,as the protection is updated more than the software to detect it.

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