making Audio Disc that can be played on regular CD

  Steinman 15:23 11 Apr 2003

If you wanted to make an audio Cd, that plays on a home CD player, from MP3s on a PC, what is needed? PC has RealPlayer & Windows Media Player & a CDRW drive of course!!
I know that CDRWs discs dont work on home players.

  crx16 15:44 11 Apr 2003

windows media player should let you record a 'playlist' from your media library to CD.mp3/wma will be converted.remember to limit the playlist to 74 minutes of audio

  DieSse 15:56 11 Apr 2003

Easy Cd creator and Nero will both let you make audio cds from mp3s - just look in their help files.

CD-Rs will play on many, but not all domestic players - a few domestic players will also play CD-RWs - but there's not a lot of point in using CD-RWs for audio CDs really.

  MartinT-B 15:57 11 Apr 2003

CD's have the music on them as a .cda file. There are many programs that convert mp3 to .cda

Personally I don't use WindowsMediaPlayer. I have had errors inasmuch as the disk playing on other PCs, but not my CD player.

I use Nero.

  dth 16:11 11 Apr 2003

This is fairly straight forward to do. It is best to convert the music files you have to wav files. Most of the burning programs (like Nero etc) will do this automatically for you. Best to use a CDR rather than a CDRW. One last tip is to burn at a low speed - as some CD players have problems playings CDRs burned at high speed.

  Gaz W 17:49 11 Apr 2003

What sort of a low speed would you need to burn them at? It probably doesn't apply to me because my writer is only 4x anyway!

  Stuartli 17:54 11 Apr 2003

CD-RW disks offer too little reflectivity to provide reliable use on a home CD player and, besides, CD-R disks are a lot cheaper.

The more recent your CD player the more likely it is it will be capable of playing various types of media.

  Diemmess 18:01 11 Apr 2003

Only repeating what Stuartli has said.........
Re-writable CDs are best kept for data store only and they (in my hands) are unattractive anyway.

Use plain write once CDs and you should have no trouble following all the good advice above.

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