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  johnnyrocker 20:19 25 Oct 2011

having used the site for some time i was used to doing this ( or should i say the site did) it now seems to be a different way which i am not used to and my last effort ended up taking half the window up, any ideas please?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:43 25 Oct 2011

Would you be kind enough to repeat that in a way we may be ablw to understand your problem?

  johnnyrocker 20:47 25 Oct 2011

certainly young man, if someone wrote an e mail address to help someone it would appear as "click here" it does not do that now and my question is, how does one do it now? as i see it works for some people, will that sufice?


  birdface 21:25 25 Oct 2011

You just copy and paste it.

  birdface 21:28 25 Oct 2011

[click here1

  birdface 21:34 25 Oct 2011

On the top of the post box click on hiperlink,Remove the http // thing that is on it and web address that you want to send.Then press Ok.[enter link description here]

remove enter link subscription here and leave the brackets.Then in between the brackets type click here.then post it. But much quicker with the copy and paste.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:35 25 Oct 2011

Copy the site address from the address bar i.e.

Click on the globe above the reply box - a Insert hyperlink box appears - paste the address into the box - click OK.

A highlighted enter link description here appears in the reply box

overwrite inside the bracket with any thing you like do not remove the [] or 1 these will be remove automatically by the site.

i.e. click here for speakers corner

  birdface 21:36 25 Oct 2011

[and type the web address that you want to send.]Missed that bit out.

  johnnyrocker 21:59 25 Oct 2011

great stuff i think i got the hang of the idea and my thanks to all


  woodchip 23:30 25 Oct 2011

If you right Click on the hiperlink there is no need to remove it, then press Paste

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