Make sure you have a firewall!

  Graham ® 19:42 30 Mar 2004

My Sygate (free!) firewall started flashing furiously for the first time in ten months. One major and one critical intrusion attempts this afternoon. Backtraced to the George Washington University.

I know they won't get much from my PC, but that's not the point. Who knows what they could have planted? This is not just spyware.

They were trying to exploit the DCOM flaw. click here

  powerless 19:53 30 Mar 2004

and life goes on Graham ®

  Graham ® 20:06 30 Mar 2004

Thanks, I know your views on the subject! I can hear you yawning :-)

  lucky1 20:18 30 Mar 2004

Ah but does the George Washington University know that Powerless doesn't believe in firewalls :-)

  one23 20:19 30 Mar 2004

I am starting to get totally sick to death of hearing about all these hackers,viruses,spyware,trojans,spammers and all the rest.All I want to do is to enjoy my PC in peace. In more irrational moments I feel like chucking the thing away.But ,probably, that's what these perpetrators want! Do you think we will ever see an end to it? Will future operating systems be more secure? or will this perpetual rush for more and more security add ons be the norm ad infinitum?

  VoG II 20:24 30 Mar 2004

I have the alerts on my McAfee turned off. In moments of total boredom I have a look at the events log. Very rarely there do appear to be sustained attempts to access my ports. Real or imagined I'm not sure.

Since I set up a WiFi network with everything going through a firewalled router I'm lucky to see one hit a day.

I would not run without a firewall - always on cable broadband.

  lucky1 20:28 30 Mar 2004

It's the poor souls who innocently buy a PC without any advice, log onto the Net, and get heaps of trouble, that I feel sorry for. This forum is testement to that. Why should we have to go through all this business of anti-virus software, firewalls, (expect Powerless of course :-) Spybot, Adaware, and their associated updates ? It can make you paranoid.

Sorry about the tantrum !!!

  romanab 20:32 30 Mar 2004

I agree with Graham,even if ,as powerless believes,firewalls are no more than window dressing they at least stop any trojans which get passed your av(and lets face it,nav and avg are both poor in this respect)from connecting out.

  ©®@$? 20:32 30 Mar 2004

quick hide your thread because it wont be long before gandalf tells you that it is some-one at George Washington University trying to shake your hand.. (handshakes and all that)

  powerless 20:36 30 Mar 2004

Dosn't matter if I have any problems I know where to come ;-))

  one23 20:38 30 Mar 2004

It's alright lucky1, I've just had my own tantrum. I am reasonably capable of sorting out my own PC but as you so rightly point out there must be an awful lot of folks out there who are not computer literate who are getting into all sorts of mess.

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