Make SAS Hard Drive work in PC without Raiding

  Lightguard71 23:15 01 Oct 2018


I recently got given a 4TB hard drive (computer and HDD spec to follow at the end) for free by a friend and only realized after I received it that it was an SAS rather than SATA drive.

Doing some research I discovered that they sold adapters to change SATA data and power cables into a SAS port. I ordered one and tried this and the hard drive was not picked up by my machine either in My Computer or in Disk Management.

Further research indicated that most PC motherboards do not Support SAS drives unless explicitly stated as the signalling between drive and motherboard is different (or words to that effect).

Further research suggested that a RAID card could enable me to plug an SAS card into my machine and thankfully Amazon seems to have some of these in the £10-£30 range unlike most that appear to be in the £100-£300 range.

I have 3 questions.

  1. Will I be able to plug an SAS drive into one of these cheaper style SAS RAID Controller Cards and access it like a normal hard drive rather than having it RAIDed? (as only 1 drive will be plugged in)

  2. Will this card come under the 16TB limit that PCs have for storage within the machine or will it be exempt like a USB connected External HDD?

  3. Also, is there anything else I need to know about using a RAID card as, despite not being an amateur when it comes to computers, I have never so much as seen one before.


PC Spec: Ordered from PCSpecialist CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight Core (3.7GHz overclocked up to 4.1GHz) Motherboard: ASUS® STRIX B350-F GAMING (DDR4, USB 3.0, 6Gb/s) Memory: 32GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 2666MHz (4 x 8GB) Operating System: Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit

Many thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:03 02 Oct 2018

"SAS offers optional compatibility with Serial ATA (SATA), versions 2 and later. This allows the connection of SATA drives to most SAS backplanes or controllers. The reverse, connecting SAS drives to SATA backplanes, is not possible.[3]"

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