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make recovery disc and OS Image to External HD

  tonyq 14:21 26 Jan 2016

In the near future I hope to give Windows 10 a try. Before I do I keep reading that it is safer to make a recovery disc and a Image of the OS (Windows 7) to a External HD. Having never done anything like this before, I intend to make the recovery disc to a CD or DVD, and make an Image using Macrium Reflect Free, which I have downloaded, then save to a external hard drive. When one makes an Image and say the PC/laptops hard drive is 500GB with say 3 partitions, do I need a external HD of at least 500gb or does get Image file get compressed ?. Also any suggestions for a make or place to buy of External HD

  tonyq 14:00 13 Feb 2016

Hi robin, I have gone through most of the suggestions on your link some I had done previously to no avail. With regards to "Repair Install of W10" I have made a Win 10 Repair Disc (DVD disc)this is what is on the disc.

click here sure what/how to run it though if not at boot up. If I do run the disc is it likely to remove my files programs ect?


  robin_x 14:35 13 Feb 2016

That looks like a Recovery disc, which can only be booted. Not heard of W10 Repair disc as such, may be some are using that term now.

You need Install Disc.

But actually that can be USB Flash, DVD or ISO file.

Use W10 Media Creation Tool and select "for another PC" option.

Download the ISO file (it can be used to make USB Flash or DVD later if you want to keep a physical copy)

But for now, W8/8.1/10 allow the ISO file to be Mounted as a Virtual Drive.

When downloaded, right-click the ISO file and Mount (or Open with Windows Explorer)

Double-click setup to run it.

  robin_x 14:38 13 Feb 2016

To make DVD from ISO, right-click and Burn to disc

To make USB Flash from ISO, use Rufus

  robin_x 14:39 13 Feb 2016

Repair Install, by running setup, allows keeping of Files, Folders, most Apps and Settings.

  tonyq 12:00 14 Feb 2016

I downloaded the "Install Disc", copied ISO to DVD disc. Ran the disc by running setup Allow keeping of Files, Folders ,most Apps and Settings Then waited for 2to3 hrs.

This seems to have worked as Windows 10 seems to be has it should be, all apps showing Cortana working ect. I will run it for a few days before deleting the Extra user account I created. The only downside seems to be that I have lost the ability to go back to Windows 7 via system restore, But I did make a Image of Win 7 before upgrading by means of Macrium Reflect, to be hope that works if needed.

Hopefully my very last question on this subject, is it possible to keep adding to the Macrium Reflect Image or do I have to keep making a new Image to keep it up to date say once a month

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:24 14 Feb 2016

I make new images every time I do something important or once a fortnight.

I always keep a couple of images + an image of the machine brand new and delete the old ones.

  robin_x 13:15 14 Feb 2016

Check that System Restore is On though (it's Off by default and is switched Off after major Build upgrades every few months)

Shortcut: Press Win+R systempropertiesprotection

Win7 RPs can be deleted via the Configure button


Hopefully my very last question on this subject, is it possible to keep adding to the Macrium Reflect Image or do I have to keep making a new Image to keep it up to date say once a month

Macrium Free allows Differential Images only.

Restore Tab > Other Actions

  tonyq 15:43 15 Feb 2016

If I am reading it correctly. Make a full Image or Differential which adds to an Image.

  robin_x 16:23 15 Feb 2016

Differential is the changes made since the Full Image.


Incremental would be changes made since the last Incremmental (or since the Full Image if it is the first Incremental)

  tonyq 17:30 15 Feb 2016

Thank you all very much for your Help and advice on my various questions on the upgrade to Windows 10 from windows 7 on my laptop.

I have now to decide whether to upgrade my Windows 7 PC!!!!

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