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make recovery disc and OS Image to External HD

  tonyq 14:21 26 Jan 2016

In the near future I hope to give Windows 10 a try. Before I do I keep reading that it is safer to make a recovery disc and a Image of the OS (Windows 7) to a External HD. Having never done anything like this before, I intend to make the recovery disc to a CD or DVD, and make an Image using Macrium Reflect Free, which I have downloaded, then save to a external hard drive. When one makes an Image and say the PC/laptops hard drive is 500GB with say 3 partitions, do I need a external HD of at least 500gb or does get Image file get compressed ?. Also any suggestions for a make or place to buy of External HD

  Govan1x 14:40 26 Jan 2016

I don't know as I have never tried it but I would assume a 32Gb usb flash drive might be enough but stand by to be corrected on that.

  john bunyan 14:57 26 Jan 2016

What I did was to partition the external 500 gig HD to the same as the one on the PC. I made the macrium image to the matching partition on the HD, and copied all my data from my data file using freefilesynch. In the end my w 10 update was OK but you are wise to do what you propose as I think a return to W7 via the image is more reliable, and when all settles you can use the same disc to make new images in the future. I bought a USB in Currys or PC World - I think a 1 TB is about £60.

  Newuser4165 15:36 26 Jan 2016

You don't need to use Macrium - Win 7 has it's own built in system image creation tool on an external HDD via USB along with the means to create a recovery CD.In Control Panel navigate to Backup Your Computer and carry on from there.Once complete you will then have an option Create a System Recovery Disk.The OS System Image created on my own pc is about 70GB.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:28 26 Jan 2016

I prefer Macrium rather than windows own facility.

Remember if you are recovering to a new drive or the old drive cannot run windows the you need boot media that will then recover the image.

Make the recovery CD and make an image to an external drive/

  bumpkin 18:08 26 Jan 2016

A smaller drive will be OK as long as it is big enough for the data you need to back up. Macrium would also be my choice.

  robin_x 21:26 26 Jan 2016

Tutorial is here

It's better to Image all existing partitions, even hidden ones.

If you have another computer in the house, you don't have to make CD/DVD/USB Flash unless you need it. You can make it on the other computer any time.

On the W7 computer, what you can do is run Macrium and select Other Tasks > Add Boot Menu Option

  Bailifei 09:15 27 Jan 2016

Windows allows you to downgrade to Win 7 within one month after upgrading. If it is not long enough for you, you can use Rollback Rx or Easeus system goback. Rollback Rx got more features, Easeus system goback is simple to use, needs one-click.

  silver78 16:56 27 Jan 2016

Biggest mistake I made was to upgrade to 10 and then try and rollback to 7. After doing so neither my mouse or keyboard would work. Even if I started in Safe Mode I had the same problem. I'd only upgraded to get access to the Win10 product key as I'd done a fresh install of 10 on a separate drive. So my advice to anyone contemplating an upgrade is to clone/backup your original Windows to an External drive.

  tonyq 18:27 27 Jan 2016

Thank you all for your help/advice so far. Seeing as I have a few old hard drives that I have put into enclosures which have data saved on them, think I will go for a 2TD external HD, so I can put all the data on one HD as well as the Windows Image and hopefully still have plenty of room left. The HD I am thinking of buying is the

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB

click here thoughts please.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:37 27 Jan 2016

As good as any

I recently bought a wd elements2tb usb3 drive also have a 1TB My passport drive aswell.

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