make photos smaller for email not working

  Quilljar 11:09 21 Oct 2008

Suddenly, the XP facility to make photos smaller before emailing them will not work on my machine (XP SP3) I am sure there is a way to put this right. Can anyone explain it to me, thanks?

  Seth Haniel 11:51 21 Oct 2008

a free download program that you can save your photos at smaller or larger sizes

  chub_tor 12:24 21 Oct 2008

If you're using Windows classic folders, you won't have a tasks panel to enable the size reduction. Go to Tools > Folder Options > General > Tasks to verify or change your preferences.

  Quilljar 12:33 21 Oct 2008

I have any number of programs to make photos smaller, that is not a problem. what I need is to re-establish the facility in windows. I do not have the classic window, I still have the tasks panel with 'email this file' but when I do so the small window option no longer comes up to give me the choice of making it smaller. i know there is a fix, i just wondered if anyone could tell me what it is?

  Technotiger 12:48 21 Oct 2008

A probable glitch in the registry, try running click here in its default settings, then re-start your computer.

  chub_tor 13:11 21 Oct 2008

OK found this on another forum,,,

If the "make my pictures smaller" feature has dissappeared try this:

Click start then run then type in REGSVR32 SHIMGVW.DLL then click ok ( be sure to leave a space between *32 and SHIM*. a box will come up with
DllRegisterServer in SHIMGVW.DLL succeeded. Then reboot your computer and it should be OK.

  chub_tor 13:14 21 Oct 2008

This post click here was related to Windows Me but may be relevant to the problem that you are having.

  Quilljar 13:25 21 Oct 2008

thank-you chub_tor the advice about


was exactly what did the guys are superb thanks

  chub_tor 15:52 21 Oct 2008

Glad to be of service but few of us are geniuses, Google is our friend - as well as yours.

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