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Make a Perpetual Calendar in Excel

  tonyq 20:25 30 Dec 2009

Please can anyone tell me how to make a Perpetual Calendar in Excel(if it is not to difficult).I have been watching the following video but it goes no further than setting up the first month, then asks you to order the full copy.I don't seem to be able to find other tutorials on the web.
click here

  johnnyrocker 20:29 30 Dec 2009

web design forum might be of more use?


  tonyq 20:55 30 Dec 2009

Now I'm not sure I've got the correct wording by means of "Perpetual Calendar". What I am wanting is a 12 month calendar that is simple to alter for the following years to come,to be printed off. I am using Excel 2007 and have ASAP Utilities installed,and only have limited experience in Excel. Am I taking to much on?.

  canarieslover 21:46 30 Dec 2009

click here
click here
Here are a couple of sites to start with.

  tonyq 13:03 31 Dec 2009

thank you all for the help/advice.
Vog,I have followed the instructions from your link,
click here
and been able to produce a month by month calendar. I was hoping to be able to produce a full 12 month on one sheet not a month at a time. Its been nice to have learnt some more to add to my little experience with Excel though.

I know I could have Google for Perpetual Calendars,but thought it would be nice to try and make my own for the experience anyway thank you for the links,I have bookmarked them.

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