Make new fonts the default.

  Meshuga 08:44 11 May 2003

Can anyone please tell me how to change my present default style and size font which are
Arial, size 10 point, and make the new ones the default to avoid having to change each time I
email in OE. I have been told to open OE and click on Tools/Options/Compose/set the change I want
and click on Apply. I have done this but when
I open a "new mail" window and I start to type
I find that I am still on the original fonts.
I am using OE in Win ME. Many thanks, Meshuga.

  -pops- 09:25 11 May 2003

The number of fonts available for internet use is quite limited and although you may have a long list that seems to be available, your choice is very limited. It may be that the font you want is not one of those available therefore it reverts back to something it can cope with.

Note also that all your efforts may be lost if your recipient has his system set to plain text.


  Pesala 10:34 11 May 2003

For composing email I can set the preferences to whatever font or size I wish. For viewing received emails I can zoom in as close as I wish. No problems, just a much better Outlook.

  Meshuga 11:39 11 May 2003

My thanks to pops and Pesala for your response.
Will keep trying to find a way as I had always
been able to do it when I had Win 98. Thanks again, Rfgards, Meshuga.

  DieSse 11:57 11 May 2003

Well - just tried it, using Comic bold - and it worked Ok for me. I think any font will work if you've got compose in HTML set, as basically it's just a graphics facility.

Using OE 6 - so if you haven't got this, i suggest you try upgrading to it and see if it works then.

  Meshuga 13:53 11 May 2003

DieSse, thanks for your suggestion. I have OE5
so I`ll see about upgrading. Regards, Meshuga.

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