Make my PC 32 bit instead of 64 bit - temporarily

  Cara2 11:00 01 Jun 2010

I need to the above (need to update software which is currently not compatable with 64 bit).

Can I do this easily and temporarily? I am using Windows 7.

  MAT ALAN 11:10 01 Jun 2010

What prog are you wanting to update..

What you are wanting to do "cannot" be done...

  Cara2 11:40 01 Jun 2010

Okay, we are a business and use diagnostic software which is updated frequently.

We have to download 'software manager' and that particular software is currently not compatible with 64 bit. However the techs are working on a fix.

Meanwhile, I wondered if I can start my PC in 32 bit, just to enable me to update the software, then revert back to 64 bit.

  MAT ALAN 11:56 01 Jun 2010

The only fix would be to uninstall the 64bit version and reinstall a 32bit version, what you are asking is physically impossible...

As this "diagnostic software " seems to be so important it might have been wiser to have installed 32 bit from the outset...

  Cara2 12:01 01 Jun 2010

Ah, okay.

A 'fix' has been on the cards for months and is now immminent so I will wait for that. (We have been using an old PC which was not ideal in the meantime).

Thanks for clarifying the matter for me.

  Dark Mantis 12:07 01 Jun 2010

You could dual boot it.

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