Make mailboxes visible in Outlook Express

  Gary 09:57 12 Sep 2003

I'm using Outlook Express 6 for my email.
I have created several specific inboxes under the main default Inbox which this provides and am using mail rules to sort messages into the appropriate one.
However, I now want to create a sub-folder from one of the Inbox subfolders (i.e. a sub-sub-folder). I have done this successfully and mail rules are putting messages in there.
However, each time I open OE I have to click the little + sign next the the Sub-mail box branch I want to view to make them visible. How can I make them show up automatically like the subboxes of the Inbox do?

  Nosmas 10:09 12 Sep 2003

I think you will need to leave one unread message in each sub-folder. You could send yourself messages and move one to each box and mark them as unread. I had a very similar problem click here and the suggested solution by Megatyte has worked.

  MAJ 10:46 12 Sep 2003

An option might be to have your inbox, inbox sub- folders and sub-sub folders on the Outlook Bar, (if there wasn't to many of them). At least that way, you would instantly see if there were any new messages in those folders.

  MAJ 10:48 12 Sep 2003

"to"..... should read..... "too"

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