make a link active in a graphic small ad.

  Diemmess 15:31 05 Nov 2011

I have prepared an advert for next edition of our village magazine. An advertiser who is a local agent for a cosmetics firm wants me to include a link to his parent website.

The link is active in his email, but merely copying it as text into a Corel Draw graphic unsurprisingly doesn't do anything.

How can I make the 'link' live so that a click .... and it opens on the desired website? Once working, the file will be converted to PDF for printing if that makes any difference?

  Forum Editor 16:34 05 Nov 2011

I've moved your thread from the Helproom to Webdesign.

  Forum Editor 16:35 05 Nov 2011

Can you explain a little further?

I take it that this ad will be appearing in an email newsletter. Is that the case?

  Diemmess 17:36 05 Nov 2011

Thanks F.E.

'Should have engaged brain before asking this question!

The advert is in a paper magazine and there's no way to a link with the internet from a paper copy except by typing the magic words when on line.

I am knocking on a bit, but this (I hope) is the result of spending too long making small adjustments to this and two other ads all of whom expect miracles of readable prose in a relatively small space........Oh well, it is fun most of the time.

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