Make C drive private

  sicknote 13:50 19 Dec 2004

Hi All
I have a dual boot win XP pro system,I'm on C drive Kids are on D drive.Can i make C drive private to stop them saving things and putting them in my c drive.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:49 19 Dec 2004

You cannot make the whole of C private as XP will need to write files to it nomatter who is logged on.

If the kids are on limited accounts they cannot access your files.

You can make folders private. Check simple file sharing is unticked then right click the folder properties -security and tick the make private box.

  rawprawn 14:58 19 Dec 2004

I find this an excellent prgram you can password protect any folders you want at the click of a mouse. Hide Folders XP it is not free but worth what it costs for peace of mind. I hide My Documents before I let my grandchildren play then there is no risk to valuable data
click here

  sicknote 17:00 19 Dec 2004

I have put WinXP Pro on 1 H/D called C which is a full working system and i made all my folders private (no problem there)And it is password protected at log on so they can't get in (I hope)The kids have a full working system of WinXP Pro on another H/D D drive which they log on at start up.They have download some games and things and when it ask to save it they save it to C not their D drive and run the program and install it on my C drive.I have tried to tell them to save to D But ***!!!??.
So i would like that when it asks them to save something their first opinion is always D drive.


  DrScott 17:20 19 Dec 2004

In terms of downloading, it's easy... you just alter the browser settings, so that the default download directory is pointed at D:/ If it's IE they use, you can do the nec. mods in internet options.

Should work (crossing fingers)

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