Make a brochure on a CD ?

  Dirty Dick 11:07 28 Jul 2004

First of all, APLOGIES - I'm completely new to all this.
I want to make a brochure, to be put onto a CD, which will include Videos, Backgound music, photos, Gifs, and text etc.. A friend of mine tells me to set it up like a Web Page, using FrontPage (I think !). Can anybody tell me if it is possible to put all those formats into the CD, and also recommend any instructions/tutorials for FrontPage. Please be gentle, it's my first time.

  Taran 11:31 28 Jul 2004

it is a large overall topic with many smaller elements making up the whole.

Yes, setting a CD ROM up to autorun a website is a common and relatively easy way to get a brochure onto disk. I often do this for clients and you can put a huge range of products and information onto one CD. It is inexpensive and changes may be made quickly and burned to new disks, so it is also quick to alter if a product range progresses or prices change.

Things to look out for are file formats, especailly where animations and/or music are concerned.

You should have no issues with GIF, JPG and PNG image files, with BMP also being supported by most PCs, if not directly supported by all web browsers.

You cannot guarantee though, that all computers the disk will be played on will have a suitable media player for background music, animations of certain types or JavaScripts.

For example, many networks disable a lot of browser features for security reasons, which could break your project if the features required to support it have been made unavailable.

To make a CD autorun you need to create an autorun.inf file that contains the file the system should launch. Typically people often use a small .exe file which launches another file, which in your case would be the index.htm page of your website.

Some links to get you going:

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

Remember to make a folder inside the root folder of your web to contain any and all elements of the site. Put all images into the iages folder, animations into another folder and so on. Nothing breaks a website more than having a link to a file on your computer like C:\Documents and Settings\Taran\My Documents.

  monkon2 22:50 29 Jul 2004

i have done this kind of thing for several customers of mine and i have found that the best all round program for this is either opus presenter or matchware mediator pro, both support many types of media and can export to a cd package or html pages, i dont have any links handy at the minute, but a quick google should find them

  Taran 23:08 29 Jul 2004

WhirlyWiryWeb have a wonderful little autorun exe file that works like a charm.

click here

You point it to the index.htm file that you want to autorun and it does just that.

  monkon2 23:13 29 Jul 2004

f.a.o taran

this works with an existing website on your pc and enables it to run from a disc? sounds like the ideal app, im going to check this one out

  Taran 23:18 29 Jul 2004

It's a tny file which, when combined with an autorun.inf file with the right line of code in it, runs the index file of a site, or anything else you point it to for that mattter. You burn the whole lot to CD and you have an autorunning CD ROM.

I recommended this ages ago for someone in this forum and then promptly forgot all about it. You actually jogged my memory when you mentioned Opus. Don't ask me why...


  monkon2 23:25 29 Jul 2004

thanks, it looks like something that will come in handy

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