Make Booklet with 4 Pages per A4 sheet

  TN 11:38 29 May 2012

I have been trying to print several booklets (the size is 4 pages to an A4 sheet = the finished folded booklet is about 10 cms x 15 cms) I am using word 2007 and have checked in various places for instructions but all I can find are booklets printed with 2 pages to an A4 sheet. I have tried to do this using tables but just cannot get the page numbers to line up at the right height or the different pages (there are 18 of them) to have the printing in the correct area, despite the margins being properly set. I also tried using columns. Is there any way Word can accomplish this to produce a good appearance finished booklet.

  Woolwell 11:51 29 May 2012

Suggest that you really need a DTP program to do this especially if you want a good appearance in the finished booklet. Having said that the booklet is quite small and printing it out could prove awkward. What size paper are you going to use?

  TN 11:57 29 May 2012

Many thanks Woolwell for your reply - I am using A4 sheets and I have the layout of the Booklet set out OK i.e. Page 1 and Page 16 are printed side by side etc. If worst comes to worst I will have to use a DTP prog but am trying to avoid that expense!!

  Woolwell 12:03 29 May 2012

How are you folding the paper?

  Sparkly 13:57 29 May 2012

Hi TN this DTP is free might be of help.

  TN 14:01 29 May 2012

Hi Woolwell - I am cutting hte pages on two (they are printed in Portrstyle) and the cut is across the centre: the top pages go on top of the bottom ones and are then folded in two and stapled. I dis a mock up of this by folding 2 A4 sheets into quarters and then numbered them without opening them up and it is obvious where each numbered page goes. Hope this makes sense. Hi Sparkly - I used to have Page Plus from Serif many years ago and found it very difficult to follow - maybe that was me and my age (Now 75!)

  Woolwell 14:10 29 May 2012

Serif PagePlus is good although the free version is limited. It should have a tutorial. The problem is that the page size that you want for a folded booklet isn't standard and it may take some fiddling around to get what you want. It is normal to use duplex printing which can complicate the page layout using Word. Have you tried using text boxes?

  mimosa418 14:14 29 May 2012

You seem to be on the right lined . I suggest you set up a page with four appropriately sized text boxes,leaving space between them for margins and folds etc. this is easier to manage than tables.You can then easily enter and edit you page contents in each box. You seem to have the page numbering sorted. If you wish to print on both sides of the paper that will depend on your printer and probably need some more experiment to sort out.

  TN 18:59 29 May 2012

Thanks Mimosa418 - just had a stab at using the text boxes as you suggested and they work a treat - all are the same dimensions and each page number is 0.5 cms from bottom of each page - now all I have to do is to copy 16 text boxes and fill them with the relevant text, then cut them across centre and after putting the pages in order, staple the remaining bits together! Sounds easy after all the trials I've been testing out. Again thanks to all of you for taking the time to help me out.

  Daiol 12:14 30 May 2012

Try this from another forum,You must click on the image to see how its done.Its a video tutorial.

Good Luck.

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