major wireless connection problems - please help!!

  lmc83 23:25 20 Jul 2008

Kinda long story but heres the jist of it...
We have sky broadband - the router in the living room - with a laptop (downstairs) and a pc (upstairs) both connected wirelessly. They have been working fine for months then suddenly the pc has stopped connecting.
After several hours on the phone to sky they came to the conclusion that my pc had a fault so I contacted dell who recommended I reformat the hard drive. I did this & the pc now acknowleges the connection but connects 'local only. ie, not to the internet.
Sky are adament that its not the router & dell insist the computer is now fine. It will connect via the ethernet cable but its not practical to haved cables running through the house to do this.
Im now stuck! Any advice would be much appreciated.

  tullie 23:28 20 Jul 2008

Have you set it up initially with the cable?

  brundle 23:29 20 Jul 2008

What are you using to connect the desktop? Have you got the latest drivers? Can you see any local wireless networks at all?

  lmc83 23:32 20 Jul 2008

i have run a phone extention upstairs (we only have one phone port which is downstairs) so I could set up the router by the pc & use the ethernet cable. It worked fine like that but when I disconnected the cable & switched back to wireless it went back to 'local only'

  lmc83 23:34 20 Jul 2008

when I open network connections there a plenty of networks - mine included - with good signal strength however it will only connect locally. What do you mean by drivers? sorry not great with technology!

  brundle 23:39 20 Jul 2008

If you can see other wireless networks then you have drivers - your router has security enabled on it by default when issued by Sky - does the connection ask for a password or passkey when you connect to your own network?

  lmc83 23:42 20 Jul 2008

yes - it askes for the network key which I entered & it says its connected to the router but local only. if I go into the network connections it has a graphic with my pc connected to modem but then a red cross between that & the internet symbol.

  brundle 23:48 20 Jul 2008

OK - when you have connected, go to start menu/run and type


press return

A new Network Diagnostics window will open;

Click `Set Scanning Options`
Tick the following entries in the lower half of the list;

Domain Name System (DNS)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
Default Gateways
Internet Protocol Address

Then click `Scan Your System`

Which of the tests results in a pass?

  lmc83 23:58 20 Jul 2008

I cant see where to type it in - there no 'run' thing. It windows vista.

  brundle 00:03 21 Jul 2008

That's for XP, my incorrect assumption.

Go to Start orb/Network, click Network & Sharing Centre, click Diagnose & Repair on the left hand side.

  tullie 00:05 21 Jul 2008

Right click taskbar/properties/start menu/customise

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