major virus problem

  blueboy2uk 10:10 01 Sep 2006

my other computer has a very bad virus problem so bad that i cannot use it ,i think something must have gone wrong with the firewall software i was using, the biggest problem i cannot get it to start up to deal with them , when i switch it on it goes thru the normal routines untill i click ok for it to load the desk top screen but the same instant another box opens up saying the computer is logging off and saving my settings so around and around that loop it goes i can get to the bios set up ok, i intend to format the hard drive and reload windows but i cannot think how to do this being denied access.

  johnnyrocker 10:23 01 Sep 2006

have you tried safe mode? you might be able to get somewhere with that.


  Gongoozler 10:48 01 Sep 2006

You should be able to boot, reformat and install from the CD regardless of any virus infection on the hard drive. When my hard drive got seriously corrupted due to faulty memory the only way I could get it to reformat was to connect it as slave on another computer and format it there. I was then able to put it back as master in it's own computer and install Windows.

  DieSse 11:03 01 Sep 2006

If you want to check your drive for viruses, before you do anything else -

Take it out of the system

In the working system diconnect the optical drive(s) on the second IDE cable, and connect the suspect drive in place of it. You won't need to change any jumpers.

Run a virus check on the suspect drive using a good up tp date AV program. If you're in any doubt, you can get a 30-day free trial of NOD32 click here to do the check.

  blueboy2uk 11:04 01 Sep 2006

no it wont reboot in safe mode, is there not a risk if i put the hard drive into my other computer and format it there that the virusis will corrupt that computer as well?

  DieSse 11:15 01 Sep 2006

*is there not a risk if i put the hard drive into my other computer and format it there that the viruses will corrupt that computer as well?*

No - why do you want to format it, rather than recover what's on it.

If you only want to format it you can do that where it is now. What OS are you using - formatting is different for different OSs.

Why do you think the "firewall has failed" - don't you have an up to date AV in the system?

It's also possible you have a hardware problem, such as faulty RAM or Hard Drive - both of these can be tested in situ.

  DieSse 11:19 01 Sep 2006

RAM test click here use the floppy disk version.

Disk Drive tests dependant on the manufacturer - Seatools for Seagate, for instance.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:19 01 Sep 2006

I would put the blame on faulty RAM or a loose doesn't sound like a virus problem and firewalls do not stop viruses.


  VoG II 11:19 01 Sep 2006

click here and scroll down to 'Here is the solution to the logon - logoff issue in Windows XP'.

  blueboy2uk 12:12 01 Sep 2006

the reason i want to format the disk is that i have no control over the computer i have all the files i need saved to disks, i found out that the log on log off ussue is called by a malware called blazfind, tha other evening for on reason the computer started slowing and awas a bit erratic so i run adaware it found quite a few items then i run ewido and the list of infestations was racking up in the hundreds whilst this was running i lost control of it there is no way i can get it to start up i tried floppy boot disk , windows cd checked the bios
os is windows xp pro , outpost firewall software,
agv free version anti virus, so is the best thing to do put hard drive in other computer format is then reinstall windows and get better antivirus and is the outpost ok? i allways keep my software updated.

  VoG II 12:24 01 Sep 2006

Have you tried my link?

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