Major Thunderbird crash

  kimtrnc 05:09 24 Feb 2012

My system had a a major crash this week. Not yet found out why. Most programs seem to be running ok and I have managed to reinstall the latest version of Thunderbird (mind you, I didn't ask for it, but it arrived anyway!)

However, I am not able to get anything in or out for several days now. Delving into the background, I found that the sytem is now using IMAP, although I have always used a POP.

Sure I must have done something silly, but quite desperate without my email. Can anyone help, please?

  northumbria61 08:04 24 Feb 2012

If your settings are correct for sending/receiving from Thunderbird it may be a Firewall problem -

Verify that your firewall or antivirus program is not blocking Thunderbird. With a classic firewall its simply a question of whether or not you have a rule that states the application is allowed to connect to the Internet, and does the rule know about the current version of the Thunderbird executable

  kimtrnc 08:32 24 Feb 2012

I don't have a firewall. I AM able to view my emails directly in gmail, but I really prefer to have it down/uploaded from my Thunderbird. Whilst all this was driving me mad, Thunderbird decided that I MUST have the newest version and downloaded it anyway.

I STILL can't access my in/out mail via Thunderbird. I THINK the problem may be in the settings, but I can't see how to correct this. Thanks for your interest

  Miké 09:43 24 Feb 2012

Go to Tools/Account Settings and at the bottom of the screen there is a 'Account Actions' button. Click on 'Add Mail Account' this will start a wizard, during which there is a option to select IMAP or POP.

Once you have got the Pop settings correct delete the IMAP accounts!

  kimtrnc 12:25 24 Feb 2012

Thankyou Mik e, that sorted it. Still don't know what exactly happened. I am quite bereft without my email!

PS Sorry - don't know how to get a proper font for your name!!)

  john bunyan 12:32 24 Feb 2012

Re Accent:In W7: Start/All programmes/Accessories/System Tools/Character map. You could put a shortcut on desktop.

  natdoor 16:56 24 Feb 2012

Or you could copy and paste the name.

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