Major Router Problem with D-Link

  ch69ris 00:53 06 Jan 2007

I've been trying forever to figure out whats going wrong with my wireless connection and D-Link is becoming no help to me and i'm running out of ideas. I have a dlink dir-625 and i'm using a wireless card in both my laptop and my desktop computer. I'll just talk about my desktop because if i can figure out the desktop problem it will probably solve my laptop problem. I've pretty much got the dropped connections figured out just by luck lol. But i'm still having a problem when i play a video or audio on my computer about every 30 seconds the audio goes glitchy (choppy) for a few seconds and then goes back to normal and it keeps reapeating throughout the whole thing. But once i disable my wireless card it plays fine. Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

  vinnyT 11:52 06 Jan 2007

I don't use wireless so I'm mainly guessing here. I think that at 30 secound intervals your wireless card is pinging (checking it's status) your wireless router, this is done whether you are using the net or not.

It sounds like this is stressing your system, which causes the glitches for those few secounds.

There may be a symbol in the notification area of the taskbar, which will enable you to temp disable the wless card.

Hope this helps (course I maybe completely wrong, but gets you started).

  ch69ris 22:04 06 Jan 2007

That didn't help because yes i know how to disable my wireless connection already temporarily. When i do that it does stop the glitching of the sounds so ya your right about why it causes the glitches. But how do i stop it without disabling my wireless card all the time because that can get frustrating. I've connected to other routers before and haven't had any where near as many problems. It's almost like this new 300n crap that came out is just having so many problems because when i hooked up the router WBR-2310 it connects just fine and i never get the choppy audio. I would still get the dropped connections though every once in awhile but not as frequent. And if it dropped it would useually connect automatically. I jsut want to know how to fix the problem already. I've spent months at this now and its getting really annoying. Why does one router lag my system but the other router doesn't. Plus i've already replaced the router once before so its not something wrong with the product.

  kev-a 23:02 06 Jan 2007

Just a shot in the dark, But have you tried changing the DLinks wireless channel ?

  ch69ris 23:06 06 Jan 2007

Yes I have changed the router channel. Acutally it does it automatically for me all the time. It's never always on the same channel

  rosierd 23:27 06 Jan 2007

Hmm, maybe its your home setup where is your router in relation to your computers?

  kev-a 23:35 06 Jan 2007

Another long shot, Are you using Rangebooster N adaptor cards ?

  ch69ris 01:32 07 Jan 2007

Ok first of all i live in an apartment building so there are lots of other wireless networks. As in my own apartment building my router is in the living room and my room is like 10 feet from there so it only goes through one drwalled wall and thats it to get to both of my computers.

Yes I am using Rangebooster N adaptor cards.

My router is Dir-625
My wireless card in my laptop is DWA-642
My wireless card in my desktop is DWA-542

They are all by D-Link and are all Rangebooster N types.

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