Major problemos

  iamthewalrus 18:23 18 Apr 2005

Here's the story, I went downstairs the other week to hear dad's PC switching on and off, looking into the room i saw no one was there to perpetrate such a crime, the PC was doing it all by its self. I unplugged the power and left it for a bit, then tried to start up the pc as normal. The fans started up, lights came on, cds, power hdd activity the whole lot, and some did not go off. So i thouhgt, having done a lot of PC hardware upgrades, even having built several PCs, that the rapid on off switching could have dammaged the mother board, i was getting no display, no nothing really, so i went onto ebay and bought a new motherboard (needed one that would support pc133 ram and socket A, dont c those for new these days) Dad asked a friend who is pretty clued up on computers and he said it was the PSU, so i replaced that too for good luck. Replacing it got me a little further, i got display but no further than the first bios screen. Once the mother board arrived i installed it and windows xp began to start but hung when it was almost done (kinda expected this as when i change the MB in my pc the same thing happend). So i went to reinstall windows to get a quick flash of an error message and the pc reseting its self. After this happening a fw time i switched the pc off, took out most of the ram, disconnected the second cdrom and tried again, same story. In frustration i gave up, i went to try a few days later and ended up getting no display at all, just like before. This is really annoying, can someone help me, what component is the broken one (swaped the gfx card, processor, psu back and no change at all) or what is the problem? Thanks,

  Yoda Knight 11:42 19 Apr 2005


  Kate B 11:57 19 Apr 2005

Hmm, dunno if this the same problem as I had last year but I had similar symptoms. It ended up requiring a flash of the bios (bye bye data, though mine was backed up) and a complete reinstall of Windows. Worth a try?

  Yoda Knight 12:07 19 Apr 2005

Possibly a boot sector virus... ?

  iamthewalrus 19:00 19 Apr 2005

nah, its not even getting anything now, no display, no nothing, jus fans going, i reset it a few times, still nothing. its odd, ne more suggestions? dad gets back from holiday 2morrow and he'll b a little pissd off that tis still not workin, lol, maybe have 2 take it to a specialist.

  Joe R 19:02 19 Apr 2005


It could be the cpu thats went.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:48 19 Apr 2005

Disconnect every thing except 1 stick of memory graphic card and floppy try to boot from a floopy boot disk.

If this ok then add harddrive follewed by extra memory cd ec. until fault reoccurs.

  iamthewalrus 19:52 19 Apr 2005

ok, not cpu, i replaced that too, lol, had one lying about in the house, still will try what fruit bat said, will let you know how it got on.

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