Major problem need help!!!

  neghness 09:08 20 Aug 2004

Me and a friend recieved a virus through emails this morning, and we can't get rid of it.
Pc-cillin (fully updated) missed it on my comp, so i reinstalled it, to find i can't update. also, it doesn't start up when the comp is turned on. i can't install AVG, it just won't let me. The only possible lead i have is a file that spybot can't delete, because it is the memory. so i reboot my comp as spybot say, only to get the same message. the file is C:\Windows\downloaded program files\comload.dll
i have no idea what this, but it wasn't there yesterday when i ran spybot. adaware doesn't find it. When the virus first hit my comp, it restarted it, and then restarted it again when i tried to go on the net when it rebooted. i deleted the offending file, only to find the same effect, except i could get on the internet, but pc-cillin won't start up properly, or stay in the tray on the bottom right after it is loaded via the start menu.
this is all the info i can think of at the mo, if u need anymore just ask. hope you can sort this for me
Thanks in advance

  neghness 09:09 20 Aug 2004

oh yeah, forgot to mention running XP home on XP+2600 512MB RAM, and i have tried turning sytem restore off.
any help much appreciated

  rawprawn 09:24 20 Aug 2004

click here for free online removal, turn off system restore first.

  whitebarnowl 09:25 20 Aug 2004

Read this, click here it should help!

  rawprawn 09:28 20 Aug 2004

Sorry the link I gace is for a free scan I think you may have to pay. I would let it scan & see if it finds it.

  neghness 09:34 20 Aug 2004

it found it, but ya gotta pay to remocve the items. any ideas how to get rid of 'em without paying?

  neghness 10:06 20 Aug 2004

ok, whitebarnowl, none of the keys in your link are in the registry so i have no idea whats goin on there.
i can't afford to buy that no spyware program
spybots still giving me the same message. snyone else got any ideas? or am i gonna need to reinstall everything?? i really don't wanna do that to be honest, but similary, i can't stay online with no antivirus, cos its just gonna get worse
any ideas??
thanks in advance

  rawprawn 11:05 20 Aug 2004

click here this is about as thorough as it gets download it and turn off system restore first.

  rawprawn 11:17 20 Aug 2004

Also download and try this if Escan doesn't work, if this doesn't clear it save the log and then copy it and post it here.

  rawprawn 11:18 20 Aug 2004

click here oops pressed the wrong button first

  jonnytub 11:36 20 Aug 2004

comload.dll manual removal from dos prompt click here

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