Major prblems with Outlook Express

  mak2 12:55 16 Feb 2008

Recently Outlook express is giving problems with sending attachments, but now with all emails. Error message show mail not sent, message sitting in outbox. But message has been by recipient. Everything works fine from another PC. This happens with 2 of the 3 accounts setup on OE. How do I totally reinstall OE.

  Gongoozler 12:57 16 Feb 2008

Better to give up on OE and use Mozilla Thunderbird instead click here

  mak2 13:03 16 Feb 2008

I'd prefer not to do that, but will consider it as last resort. I would like to resolve this if need be by reinstalling XP.

  brundle 13:04 16 Feb 2008

0x800 error number would be helpful...

  mfletch 13:40 16 Feb 2008

You may have a corrupted folder try deleting the outbox {you will lose everything in it though}

You can create a new Outbox folder using the following steps:
1. Exit Outlook Express.
2. Search your hard drive for Outbox.dbx and delete this file.
3. Restart Outlook Express. A new empty outbox folder is created automatically.


  Gongoozler 16:25 16 Feb 2008

Instead of deleting the Outbox (or the Inbox)move it to another folder. You could make a new folder called - for example - Old emails. You can then use the free program DBXtract click here. This will extract the emails and convert them to eml format which is readable in Outlook Express.

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