major pc problem - like virus, scan clear

  lelole 03:03 15 Jul 2003

I really need help from somebody, my pc has gone doolally and the service people from pc world don't seem to be able to help. It all started after I had been playing a new game. I have an old graphics card (voodoo 3) and was messing around with drivers to get the graphics to work properly, anyway, while doing the the system crashed - and kept freezing when I tried to boot. Put it into safe mode and did scan disk, came back clear. I then did selective startup on the advice of the pc people and that worked fine, long enough to save some urgent files.

The pc world people then advised me to re-install from the recovery disk for win98 (it's a packard bell - never again!!). I did that and then put my windows ME update on. As I was trying to load the software for my antivirus, it crashed again, and had problems on re-boot again.

Phoned pc world again, re-did a full scan disk in safe mode. No errors. Was told it was a start up software conflict, and to use recovery disk but just do operating system only this time and not all the other programs. I did this, and then re- did the ME update. This time, druing the update, the system went into the bios set up. Closed that anfd went in to finish set up of ME. Set up cable modem driver, and tried to get here to be rescues by you guys, but then loads of internet explorers opened up.

Phoned pc world again. Told it was a virus nothing they could do. Managed to get online, and do Housecall online scanner, no problems shown. Am at a loss as to what the problem is.

Can anyone help!!!!



  Terrahawk 03:32 15 Jul 2003

if you are using the third party drivers for your voodoo card this could be the cause of your problems i had no end of problems with them on an old win 98 machine and reverted back to origional drivers have now passed that machine over to the kids quite happily running directx 8.1 on origional voodoo drivers
hope this is of some help
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  paulgeaf 04:29 15 Jul 2003

Hi, sounds bad mate...
I had similiar trouble last week when explorer.exe crashed every few mins....the pc would restart, apps would close on me...lots of wierd stuff.
I scanned and no virus' detected! I did all the usual things...scandisk, even defrag..though that wouldnt run as it saod something was writing to disk..which gave me a clue it was something I didnt know about!
Anyway I finally realised there was 'msntray.exe' running everytime i booted up.
It was written into system.ini as:
shell="explorer.exe" "msntray.exe"
So i deleted that and though that was it....
no way! it was replaced next reboot!
So searched the reg for msntray...found 1 entry and deleted. STILL running on next reboot & of course undeletable as it would say 'windows is using this file cannot delete'
Turns out it was Sub7 2.2 trojan.A very well hidden trojan at that.
I even deleted the rogue file in dos and it returned.
I eventually got rid of it by eliminating one app at a time until i knew which ones were recreating it.
Just my advice is to really check the running processes, get an app to do it - these things hide from the windows task manager, etc.
Good luck.

  PA28 08:30 15 Jul 2003

I agree with Terrahawk here. It may be a virus, but you've not given any indication why it should be, or that you've been exposed. So it may be a convenient explanation, but it also may not be true....

You've obviously moved an awful lot around since you had the trouble with your video drivers. I think I would now be tempted to start again. If you can, get your machine up and running in safe mode and save your data files. If you can get a virus check done at any stage, so much the better, but it sounds as if this may prove difficult.

Make sure that you have your Windows disk and drivers to hand - as far as your Voodoo is concerned, only the drivers that you know work: don't confuse the issue further with unknown quantities.

Format your hard drive and do a complete clean reinstall of Windows and your programs.

  Belatucadrus 11:03 15 Jul 2003

Before reloading all the drivers you could try running F-prot Antivirus for DOS click here

  lelole 19:20 15 Jul 2003

Thanks for all your help, don't know what the intial problem was, but the internet explorer problem disappeared when I uninstalled realplayer - I realised it had been trying to open windows to go to realmedia. Thanks god that's over!!

Thanks again


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