Major Internet Probs This Morning?

  Batch 08:55 15 Aug 2008

Are others haveing probs reaching services / email this a.m.

I've found several serices unreachable. E.g.:
Tiscali main web site
Tiscali email
Orange email (incl. freeserve and wanadoo)

But main other services are OK. E.g.:
Onetel email
PCadvisor Forums (hence this post)

  anskyber 09:03 15 Aug 2008

tiscali were having trouble yesterday, it could be a carry over.

  john bunyan 09:14 15 Aug 2008

Pipex - part of Tiscali - not available at 0915

  johndrew 09:17 15 Aug 2008

I had problems with Orange yesterday but they appear OK today. Yesterday I could, sometimes, get as far as the ISP and then everything hung. At other times there was no connection at all.

  Batch 11:46 15 Aug 2008

It's not just email / ISPs, but general web sites that are unreachable.

For example, I CAN reach:

ebuyer click here
iii click here
easynet click here
ukonline click here
onetel click here
you tube click here

BUT, I CAN'T reach:
ebay click here
bloomberg click here
ft click here
amazon click here

anyone else haveing probs with these?

  Zurdo 12:04 15 Aug 2008

I'm on BTYahoo and all the sites you can't reach are coming in fine. Doesn't really help you though :-(

  Batch 12:42 15 Aug 2008

Further investigation shows that it is my ISP (UKonline) that has routing problems. Tried changing my DNS server details, but that didn't help, so will just have to wait till they resolve the issue.

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