Major instability

  Slash`n`Burn© 08:20 04 May 2003

I am suffering a spate of stability problems.
These started about two weeks ago when in the same day I fitted an Audigy Player sound Card and 512 Meg of SDRAM.
Here is the spec...

Jetway 663AS Ultra MB-133 FSB(Award BIOS)(KT133a Chipset with latest VIA 4in 1 Drivers installed)
Athlon Thunderbird 1333 Proc.
512 Meg PC133 Unbuffered Memory (2 X 256 Meg)
3DFX Voodoo 3 2000 16 Meg Graphics
Creative Audigy Player PCI Sound Card
20 Gig HD (Not Sure Of Spec other than it supports UDMA 100)
Generic 54X CD ROM
Cyberdrive CW038D CD RW.
4X USB 1.1 PCI Card

The instability comes at any time, ranging from a lock-up to the dreaded BSOD.
From what I am able to research the problems seem to be faulty/Incompatible RAM, as I have not managed to track down any postings related to instability due to the Creative sound card.
According to SiSoft Sandra, SDRAM modules of 256 meg or above should be Registered/Buffered.
I need to know....
If Registered and Buffered mean the same thing?
If Cheap RAM will cause random lock ups?
If Anybody knows of any incmpatibilty issues with any of my specific Hardware/Chipset/RAM/Motherboard etc.
I look forward to some new info to get my teeth into before I grind them into stumps.
Cheers Everybody.

  Totally-braindead 09:00 04 May 2003

I've just been tearing my hair out about similar problems to you, lock ups etc. And replacing the RAM fixed it. Not being a memory expert I cheat a bit if you go to the Dabs site and click on Crucial in manufacturers they have a memory configurator which will tell you exactly what you need, I put your board in it and what you need is SDRAM CL2 Non Parity either PC100 or 133 depending on your bus speed, in your case PC133. Just look on the web for this or buy it from Dabs. Since your have 2 slabs of memory in, take out the new memory and run the computer for a couple of days that will certainly tell you if its the memory. Oh and cheap memory is poorer quality as I'm sure some of the others will tell you.

  -pops- 10:01 04 May 2003

You tell us all about your system except the operating system (at least, I've not seen it). You mention BSODs so can we assume it's not XP?

  Slash`n`Burn© 10:17 04 May 2003

Oh yes, of course....... i am running Win 98 Se, No updates as I reinstalled last week in my quest to solve this problem.
The problems really begin when I do any audio editing applications (Cool Edit pro 2, Acid pro 4 etc) my pc won`t save a wav file without introducing maddening artifacts in the wave form, if it manages to save a file at all without locking up.

This is really irritating, as I use the computer to Mix Dance CD`s, master them (Usually in 24 bit 192khz)Reder them to 16bit 44.1 khz and then burn to CD.
At the moment, I am unable and unwilling to sit through another 4minute wait to see if it happens when I make a BIOS setting change. (I must have sat there and waited for a combined 3 hrs yesterday)
In addition, can anyone tell me if, (from a stability point of view) If I should be looking for a motherboard that uses Registered memory, or Error Checking or Both. Ta

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