Major disaster related to crashing

  Josquius 14:28 01 Sep 2003

My computer has stopped running half life!
Its well over due for a reformat I guess and games do crash quite often on it however I have usually been able to get a game of DoD or TF or something on it no problem however it crashes after a few minutes on those games today. Also with some other games it has a habit of crashing them every hour or so (though I can reopen most of them)
What exactly causes this degridation which means you need to reformat and is there any way around it without reformatting? I'm asking as my window 95 computer never needed reformatting in all the years I had it and this one is pretty new (this year for definate) Also I recently screwed up a reformat so I don't want to risk having no computer

  toz666 14:34 01 Sep 2003

sounds like u do need a bit of a clean up, run defrag, in accesories/sys tools/, it will take a long time sometimes, even over night.

then also run disk clean up, (found in same menu as defrag)

now these are windows default cleaners.try these first and see how you go.
you could also try going to add/remove programmes, and have a bit of a clean up your self removing games/apps you no longer use, ull be surprised how much rubish actually does lie about on your pc.(obviously DO NOT delets any important stuff) using my fail safe way IF U AINT SURE WHAT IT IS LEAVE IT).

and finally m8 the reinstall if indeed you think u need it really isnt all that bad if done correctly (i do 100's a day) and ill be gald to help u along in any way possible.

hope that helps

  Josquius 15:16 01 Sep 2003

OK I'm going through and removing some programmes I thought I had removed long ago. Some stuff won't go but thats iffy.

What is 'hobbyhacker' ???

  Josquius 15:18 01 Sep 2003

How long would defragging take on a 40gb hd?
I've tried it for 3 hours once though it was still wanting and I wanted to go to sleep!
Over night isn't a option- can't help but think something will happen to my computer and also I won't be able to get to sleep due to the sound of the fan.

  Fateful Shadow 15:26 01 Sep 2003

There's a possibility that it might be spyware.

I've just searched on the internet via google for it and there are lots of german pages. They seem to contain programs like a password cracker and something that sends out 1,000's of e-mail addresses. Sounds a bit dodgy.

  hugh-265156 16:15 01 Sep 2003

download click here and update before running to remove any nasties.update and run your anti as toz666 says above and have a good clean out and defrag and run them in safe mode(tap F5 or F8 when the computer starts to access safe mode)

  Josquius 17:05 01 Sep 2003

Spybot search and destroy comes up with nothing. I;ve had spybot for some time and updated it a week ago.
My spybot does freeze a little around c2.lop...

  hugh-265156 18:56 01 Sep 2003
  bof:) 19:21 01 Sep 2003

Hi Josquius, have you also tried running a registery checker and another spyware detection program called ad-aware?

What operating system are you using? Is it XP because you say your pc is only a year old.

How big is your hard drive and how much free space do you have on it? You need at least a third of it to be free for you swap file I believe.


  Josquius 11:03 02 Sep 2003

Whats a swap file?
My computer is on windows 98SE- I am considering getting xp though I hear it has all sorts of problems.

Anyway I defragged up to 49% yesterday then stopped then I set it away overnight and just got up to 69% over night!

My HD is 40gb with 5gb free.

  toz666 12:50 02 Sep 2003

"My HD is 40gb with 5gb free. "

u gone a long way to answering your own problem here, with the amount of space left on your only have 5 gig left out of 40 tels me u have probably got over half your pc full with unwanted and uneeded stuff.
have u run add/remove programes to get rid of the ded wood.
also leaving your pc on over night defraging wont harm it in anyway, and yes as above running it in safe mode wil get it done quicker as theres less chance of conficts with running programmes in the background, as defrag as a habbit of doing.

the programe u mention does need sorting out, do a searc for it on, and see what that brings up.
download and run adaware, as well as spybot,and keep these on and u[pdate them regular.
iam a heavy internet user and u run these around every 3/4 days and still it finds more each time.
anymore probs m8 just post here ill try and help best i can.

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