Mainly a freezing problem

  BaboonBoy22 19:58 15 Jul 2006

Hello all,
I've been asked to help with a friends computer because it what was playing up.. HA! an understatement to say the least.
It looks like no updates have been installed since it was brought (49 updates all together). There was no anti-spyware (have managed to install the yahoo anti-spy as they already had the toolbar, this got rid of a few threats). They have norton anti-virus, but hasn't been run for a month, but the real time protection is on. And the biggest mystery of all is the freezing. It crashes all the time, it seems like the longer it is left off the longer it stays on. The computer doesn't stay on for long enough for me to properly look into it. It's running XP Home, and as I could see from the start-up screen it's got 128RAM (which I feel is too low).
But does anyone know or has seen anything like this? Any help would be great.
Thanking you in advance.

  Jackcoms 20:09 15 Jul 2006

To be honest 128 RAM is too low for XP. 256 is better and 512 ideal.

Having said that, try disabling system restore and running a full AV and anti-malware scan with click here and click here

You should also clean all the crap from the machine with click here and defrag the HDD.

  BaboonBoy22 20:55 15 Jul 2006

Yea this is what I want to be able to do, just to see if it is a virus or something that is causing the freezing, problems is it crashes before you can complete a scan. Dilema huh.

  DieSse 21:07 15 Jul 2006

Freezing when "the longer it's left off the longer it stays on" could easily be a fan/overheating problem. Check the temperatures in the BIOS (when starting, and when restarting after a freeze), and look at the fans, see how they're performing - clean the Processor heatsink if it looks dirty.

Don't neglect to check the graphics card fan (if there is one) - these can be very prone to fail in older systems, and can cause freezing.

Check temps when running with Everest or the like.

  woodchip 21:08 15 Jul 2006

Check the CPU fan is working OK. Also try it with the side off the comp

  BaboonBoy22 21:11 15 Jul 2006

Should have thought of that one. Thanks a lot guys. Will try that tomorrow.

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