Mainboard - power jack broken

  jacquied123 19:43 28 May 2010

I purchased my Targa laptop from Lidl just shy of 12 months ago. I returned it to Targa last week (still within the 12 months) - as the charging socket started to become loose and eventually stopped charging altogether.
I have now been sent an estimate from 'Let Me Repair' for 176.00 pounds for labour charges, handling, inspection and shipping and soldering which stated that this 'mechanical damage' repair is not covered under warranty.
Is this correct? What good is this warranty if it doesn't cover simple things like this?
Could anyone give me some advice on this, please

  tullie 19:56 28 May 2010

I think that they are aware that people wiggle them about,causing this fault,so dont allow a warrenty repair,maybe im wrong?I had a simler problen some time ago,it cost me around a hundred i think.

  mac75 20:17 28 May 2010

try a local pc shop, they might manage to fix it cheaper. my granddaughter's partner broke the socket in his laptop and the local pc shop repaired it for £75. it lasted for about 2 months then broke again,so i took the machine apart repaired the socket, cost nil.


  The Kestrel 20:38 28 May 2010

My son had the same problem with his Gateway laptop. We contacted Gateway who collected, repaired and returned his laptop free of charge. This does seem a common problem with laptops, so it might be worth pointing this out to Targa and arguing that they should repair it under the warranty.

If you Google Laptop power jack problems, there are pages of people looking for solutions and repairs for this problem.

  Strawballs 21:36 28 May 2010

I had an HP laptop with a 3yr warranty and in that 3 yrs i had the motherboard replaced 3 times free of charge for the same problem ie power jack

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