main telephone socket device

  [DELETED] 18:07 02 Apr 2010

Sorry for not explaining more clearly.I have an Inspiron 545 Desktop Computer in my bedroom. When I complained to my ISP about slow download speeds they said my router was not connected to the main telephone socket which is in my sitting room 30 yards away therefore I would need an usb device ? on my computer to pick up a signal from another device ? plugged into my main telephone socket situated in the sitting room. I've forgotten what these devices were called oand how to install them.Thank for trying to help me Terry I just haven't a clue about this . Stanov

  Pineman100 18:21 02 Apr 2010

I think he's suggesting that you should plug your router into your main phone socket, and establish a wireless connection between your router and your computer.

Assuming that your router already has a wireless networking function, all you'll need will be a wireless adapter fitted to your desktop computer. This can be a USB device, if you don't want to open up the computer and fit one internally.

But there is another non-wireless option for you to consider. It's called powerline networking (often called Home Plug). You connect your router into the main phone socket, then run an ethernet cable from the router to a one of the Home Plug devices, which is plugged into a nearby domestic power socket. Then you plug another Home Plug device into the socket nearest your computer, and run another ethernet cable between the two. All of your internet data is then transferred from the router to your computer through the domestic electric wiring.

This only requires that your computer is fitted with an ethernet card - which it probably is already.

  Clapton is God 18:23 02 Apr 2010

Why have you started another thread on this subject?

I suggest that you green tick this thread and stick with your original one to avoid confusing people click here

  Pineman100 18:31 02 Apr 2010

Here's a typical wireless adapter, which you would plug into a USB port on your computer: click here

Here's a bit more about powerline networking: click here

  Pineman100 18:32 02 Apr 2010

Oops! I was typing while CiG posted. Please do as he asks - duplicate threads just confuse the issue.

  [DELETED] 18:36 02 Apr 2010

Dear Clapton is God , I'm sory if I upset you,this is my first time trying this sort of thing in asking for help and the last I want to do is confuse people more thaan what I am doing in my plea for help .How do I go about this green tick thing ?.Stanov

  Pineman100 19:12 02 Apr 2010

At the bottom of the thread, you'll see a small box, next to the word "Resolved". Click in th ebox, and a tick will appear. Then click the word "Resolved".

  [DELETED] 19:34 02 Apr 2010

Dear Pineman and Bremner thank you for all your help and guidance . Thanks also Pineman for directing me to the two articles re my problem they helped me enormously and also explaining the green tick thing > I daresay I deserved being taken to task by CIG and his TICKING off. Once again Pineman thank you .Stanov

  [DELETED] 22:34 02 Apr 2010
  lotvic 13:29 05 Apr 2010

At the bottom of this thread, you'll see a small box, next to the word "Resolved" click in the box, and a tick will appear. Then click on the word "Resolved".

This has to be done completely separate to entering text and 'Post Response'

and don't fret about it, none of us knew that to begin with and we are just being friendly when we tell you :))

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