main telephone socket device

  Pineman100 18:21 02 Apr 2010

I think he's suggesting that you should plug your router into your main phone socket, and establish a wireless connection between your router and your computer.

Assuming that your router already has a wireless networking function, all you'll need will be a wireless adapter fitted to your desktop computer. This can be a USB device, if you don't want to open up the computer and fit one internally.

But there is another non-wireless option for you to consider. It's called powerline networking (often called Home Plug). You connect your router into the main phone socket, then run an ethernet cable from the router to a one of the Home Plug devices, which is plugged into a nearby domestic power socket. Then you plug another Home Plug device into the socket nearest your computer, and run another ethernet cable between the two. All of your internet data is then transferred from the router to your computer through the domestic electric wiring.

This only requires that your computer is fitted with an ethernet card - which it probably is already.

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