main phone socket device to transmit signal to ISP

  stanov 14:29 02 Apr 2010

I have been told by my ISP provider (O2) that I need a USB transmitter device to for my router which is in my bedroom to receive a signal from another device plugged into the main phone socket in my sitting room . What are these devices, where can I purchase them and how do I fit them ? All/any help would be appreciated by this 70 year old surfer.I won't use the term silver surfer as I use Grecian 2000 regularly. Thank you, Stanov.

  Terry Brown 15:10 02 Apr 2010

click here

click here

I assume the 'Other device' is either a Laptop or Desktop computer, if so one of the above may be what you need.
More details required for a better answer.

  bremner 17:58 02 Apr 2010

As Terry says you need to clarify what you have said.

"another device plugged into the main phone socket in my sitting room".

Normally you would only have one device plugged into the phone socket. This would be the modem/router.

You say your router is in your bedroom how is this connected to the phone line?

  stanov 18:21 02 Apr 2010

Dear bremner I seem to be making a right mess of my situation-sorry about that. My computer has a router sitting on top of my computer, this router (DSL socket) is plugged into a phone socket in my bedroom. I have another cable ethernet? from my router into my computer. Because my bedroom phone socket is not the main one I would need certain devices to facilitate the purpose of getting a signal into my router.Ihope this helps you and others trying to help me .Again forgive my shortcomings in this matter. Stanov

  bremner 18:38 02 Apr 2010
  ronalddonald 22:32 02 Apr 2010
  stanov 00:28 03 Apr 2010

Bremner,thank you for trying to help me but unfortunately an advert has covered part of your answer.Talking about filters though, I have one into which my router is plugged then this filter with the router inserted into it is then plugged into my bedroom phone socket.Thanks again for persisting with your help. Tommy

  stanov 00:32 03 Apr 2010

tick box obscured by advert I cannot tick resolved to my last reply, Sorry

  Forum Editor 10:44 03 Apr 2010

I deleted an earlier post of yours. Nothing personal - the link you included was playing havoc with the page layout.

  Terry Brown 12:05 03 Apr 2010

Normally the DSL should be plugged into the main (First socket for the house- Strongest signal), and the socket in your bedroom may be OK for voice but not for Email/ Internet

I would suggest moving the modem / router to the main telephone socket and then as suggested by O2, a transmitter to your computer (USB connection).

  stanov 14:28 03 Apr 2010

Thank you Terry for your advice Pineman suggested something similar.What exactly do I ask for re a transmitter? can you suggest a model ? Pineman mentioned Netgear WG111 adaptor is that one okay or can you suggest another .Thanks ,Stanov

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